I thought we werent having any more non-guaranteed contests?

I spy the latest one for 200 dollars


Could someone please explain to me how guaranteed vs. non-guaranteed contests work? Should I avoid entering non-guaranteed contests?

Guaranteed contests mean a buyers don’t look a gift horse in the mouth accepting everything that comes their way with gratitude, in non-guaranteed they don’t take the idea of a panda in the bag for granted :wink:

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Contest with an unwarranted prize is that case when CH is a piglet in a poke or a horse who runs away to the former owner after purchase :slight_smile:


Doesn’t seem worth the effort.

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…And the former owner didn’t realize what he has lost until his horse has left the stable…

On the bright side, there is the life-wisdom to be derived from non-guaranteed contests for they teach us a lost art of living gracefully with uncertainty :slight_smile:

Wisdom-schmisdom! Fork over the bucks! :smile:

“A gracefulness of his life was involuntary”: in one of the last contests it was written that the prize is guaranteed, and 2 days after that isn’t. By this moment I participated in it already :slight_smile:

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