? i thought all like its and love its went through on best entry contests

apparently not - it is just a certain number that go through if there are a lot of love its - i even best entried my like its and they were not considered- I didnt think I had to

I had a love it entry not considered, and one I had put in as best entry be short listed.Didn’t make sense to me. Didn’t win anyway,as abandoned contests rarely go my way regardless of what my name is rated…but still.

oh so all love its dont go through ? you still have to best entry them ? did the rules change again ?

No…I am not saying you have to best entry love it or like its. In this case, I left the best entry as is, as I thought it would be automatically shortlisted…but just to back it up, I also marked a best entry that hadn’t been either seen or rated (I don’t remember which). The love it did not get shortlisted,but my best entry did,which was strange to me.But like I said,it didn’t win anyway.

so that would mean you have to best entry a love it to get it considered

Let me clarify the rules again:

  1. You do not need to select a Best Entry for Love it or Like It rated entries. Y
  2. If a contest has less than 10 Love It ratings, we automatically add all of them to the shortlist.
  3. If it has more than 10 Love it ratings, we shortlist 10 from the pool of all Love it entries.
  4. We shortlist up to additional 5 entries from the remaining entries (Like Its or Best Entries).

If there are any examples where you believe these rules were not followed, please share them with the support team so we can look into them.

oh sorry I missed the change I thought all love its and like its were still automatically going through

How about not rewarding an abandoned contest instead donate the money to UNICEF; malnourished children in Africa; war torned countries where women and children are suffering;AIDS foundation etc…

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I think most people that do this actually need the money - or we wouldnt be bothering


Even though it’s a nice thought…I agree with Jose…we already spend countless hours and braincells on contests without a good percentage of return(wins)… so to take away 50 % of our chances for income,it would not make it worth investing your time. I know I am on here to try to supplement our income.


I’m new here, but please explain how we know which entries have been shortlisted. Thanks.

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