I support Squadhelp <3 <3

@Darpan @Dan ,
I’m sure that you cannot post about any stressers that might be imposed right now on you and your company because of COVID. But, we are a real community here at SH and I wanted to write this post to convey that we support you. Before this crisis, SH was going great guns and this must really be a punch in the gut for you. I don’t expect you to tell us anything about that, but I did want to say:
PLEASE let us know if there’s anything the company needs from us to help SH emerge successfully from COVID. We truly are a crowdsourcing gang and I am sure we would all want to help if there’s anything needed that we can do.

Be well, all SH employees and Darpan.


Ditto :slightly_smiling_face:!!! (20 characters)


We will be there for you !


Squadhelp is one of a kind. We all have a voice, which is not common in other businesses.
I fully support Squadhelp and willing to do my best. Every business is struggling right now, we don’t want any of the kind to affect Squadhelp.
Much love and support from me.

Thanks @Commulinks your impact and roles on Squadhelp make me considered you as a great leader. You’re a legend. We will forever remember you and try to become our better selves.


@Commulinks Thank you so much for your post as well to all other creatives for your support!

We are blessed to have such a wonderful community of creatives. Even though this is a competitive platform, it is fascinating to see how everyone is willing to support and help others.

While we are seeing some effect of Covid, we are much more fortunate than many other businesses since we are online and our community as well as internal team are able to continue to support our customers.

We are staying focused on building more features in our platform that will allow us to support our customers and creatives in even more innovative ways. Our teams are safely working from home, and we will continue to offer 24 X 7 support to our customers and creative community.

We are very optimistic that once this is all over, a lot more businesses will launch online - and there will be significantly more opportunities for our creative community to engage with our customers.

In the meantime, please stay safe with your families. On a personal note, I love being able to spend more time together as a family, especially with the teenage kids who are otherwise way too busy with their friends :slight_smile:


Oh man, thank you so much for saying these lovely things.


So glad to hear from you Darpan. I am excited for SH’s future.