I see a pop-up every time I visit

LIke the title states, for whatever reason, I receive a pop-up whenever I visit This has been happening a few days. The text of which has been copied and pasted below.

Three questions: 1) Does anyone else receive this message? 2) What do you want to ‘push’ to me? 3) Who is the PushCrew?


The website “Squadhelp” would like to send you push notifications.
Notifications can be turned off anytime from browser settings.

Powered by PushCrew

@Arnet I’m cracking up over here. The Push Crew is administration. Push notification will pop up on your phone if you received a love or like in a contest or your entry has won. Be aware that if you get alot of likes/loves…your phone will be beeping off the wall lol

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Thanks, I have been denying the Push Crew and don’t receive their pushes. I guess I’ll keep on denying.

Phones are becoming as noisy as Las Vegas slot machines. But there you have a chance to win, phones are usually just an annoyance.

Push notifications also work on your browser on your computer which means when you get a like it or love it rating, if you ae not on the page for that contest or even not on the site, a little balloon type of tiny window in the right-hand corner will float up and notify that your entry for this or that contest has received a love it or like it rating. You can then click it off via an ‘X’ or you can click the message and be taken straight to the contest. For me, I have push notifications as I don’t do SH on my phone, I don’t really use my phone for much of anything and hate doing such as I see it pointless when I have the option of usually having a computer at hand and a computer screen is much more easily viewable than my phone. If you use both, you can enable for your pc browser and ignore for your phone, or enable for phone and ignore for your pc browser, or enable both, or even ignore both. Enabling for one does not enable for all and can be a nice option, or you can not enable for any. It’s just personal preference on how you like to interact with SH or not.

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I believe there’s a way to turn them off completely, Arnet, so you don’t have to do it every time. It should be in your account settings.

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I checked the settings and there aren’t many. I don’t see anything about Push or pull :slight_smile:

Here’s a screen capture of my settings and what is selected at present.

Shoot! I know it can be turned off permanently! Maybe when you get the popup??? Answer it. Maybe that is it…

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You used to have an option in your profiles but I see they changed things around in there as well and it’s nothing like what it had been. I apologize, I was going off the profiles we did have back a couple, a few, or even several months ago. Hasn’t been excessively long though, then again push notifications haven’t been active too terribly long. Either way, I’m sorry, I thought we still had the option in our account settings.