I never kissed (on the cheek) a Squadhelp user

I know my title is very weird.
I was just wondering if we can organise some chilling meetings between SH users someday.
I live in Morocco and I think very few Squadhelpers are from here.
I thought about this because in periods I work on domaining/ SH, i don’t talk about what i do except with my wife and rarely with friends who don’t understand a word, so it would be cool if Squadhelpers meet from time to time and have cool discussions away from screens.
What do you think ?


I’ve thought of similar before and have made mention a few times that it would be cool to be able to contact some of my friends that I have made here. The thing is, and you may have to double check this because it’s been a while, to the best part of my understanding… we’re not supposed to or maybe not even allowed to contact each other away from these SH forums because sharing email or contact information on forums and through messages is not allowed. I know that people have stumbled upon each other through social platforms and such, but aside from that… I’m not sure there would be a way to do this.

If the rules are still as I have detailed, it makes sense to a degree and I can understand it. This is a website that promotes competition and technically you shouldn’t be giving yourself or even another a leg up that is not shared with the entirety of the community. I’m not saying you would do it or that any one person would do it, but it’s the fact that it’s possible and they’re trying to prevent the system being gamed as much as they can – otherwise it could impact a lot of people. However, despite this being said – a few things…, one: I also agree that a lot of us do not talk about SH except for with certain people. It’s not something too easily explained and in the rare cases it would be understood then you still face the scrutiny of some things that some people could bring. So, it would be nice to have get-togethers with people that understand it and we share common things with – especially people we’ve become close to. Also being able to do it in a way that’s not congesting the forums, would be nice. Two: It’s a bit saddening and embarrassing to say this, but I’m one of the ones on here that’s read NEARLY ALMOST every topic that’s been made in the past 5-6 years from beginning to end on this forum (at least since my join date back in 2016 if not a bit before that – and I’m still going back and reading even further back as I can) – and I used to participate a whole heck of a lot more (however, got a little hurt that people like me that have been here so long or even since the beginning that do do this and participate a lot still can so easily lose their ‘regular’/‘senior’ status so stopped after losing it several times just because of medical issues keeping me away at times – so stopped trying as hard as I was) – and in reading through over the years, I’ve seen where more of a team spirit helps people so much more than falling back on the competetive prowess process. So, having other ways to relax, get to know each other, boost morale, offer support would not be a bad thing. I know it’s helped me, and I’ve seen it help others. Three: as we’ve discovered on SH with several things, just because something is able to be taken advantage of – preventing it to a way that removes the positive benefits entirely can do just as much if not more damage. Circling back to number two, this is a TEAM environment that has competitive spirit – hence the word of SQUAD being included in the name, so having a means of supporting the TEAM other than just through a forum and one-on-one highly regulated and reviewed messages and maybe it also being in real-time, I think, would be important can offer so many positives. We can’t just focus on the what-ifs or the few bad apples – we should do what we can to prevent it but not remove the ability to benefit completely. Finally: the pandemic is still going strong and socialization has been greatly decreased for over a year now. As someone with a heavy psychology background, I can attest that this is impacting everyone’s mental health and interpersonal relationships and ability to connect and not feel so alone. It has impacted us all, no matter even if it remains in the smallest of degrees. A way for us to have people we commonly can bond with can really have a domino effect or ripple effect on so many other things in positive ways. For all we know it could greatly improve creativity, it could greatly improve the overall SH environment, it could greatly improve ability to market ourselves to help ourselves/each other/customers/SH, it could bring about new ideas, it can have the potential to affect so many things.

So, I agree. However, it would be up to SH and maybe creatives too – to come up with ideas on how this would be possible and in a way that there is the least of a chance of manipulation or abuse as possible. So, from here … What would everyone suggest? I thought a few moments ago about a moderated chatroom that would be open on ‘event’ types of schedules. So, for instance, a chatroom is coded into the site and SH team members come up with calendar event times where it would then be announced to give everyone time to prepare if they would like to participate and just have a couple or a few a month – where we can just go into the room and talk to each other and have some fun. It could be moderated and have rules and have a penalization system for those that may – if it does happen at all – choose to take advantage of it in a negative capacity. But, this is just a random idea, if it would be possible. Maybe others could have different ideas.


Thank you very much for your message.
A chat box would be great yes…
I wish all the best to you and all SH users and team
Who knows, maybe we’ll meet someday


I have mentioned this before. There is a “NamesCon”
Why don’t we have a “SquadCon”???

Come on @Darpan @grant we need a SquadCon!!!