I love you Squadhelp, but......something must be done

Nobody likes to hear I love you with a but…

I still have concerns about contests that are cancelled or are not guaranteed.
I said in another post recently that I think that all CHs should have skin in the game somehow and that every contest should have a winner (eliminate non-guaranteed contests). They should be required to provide information on names they like, what they are trying to convey, etc. (Reviewed by SH before they post). And they should all pay SOMETHING so they have a stake in it. I am hoping that others have ideas, too. I know SH has “looked at this issue before.” But it is rather alarming to see how many contests seem to be heading in the “cut and run” mode even right now so I am bringing it up again.

SH could have a “semi” non-guaranteed contest and no FULL refund policy.

PS: I edited this post from the original because, after looking at another post I thought that saying the things I was concerned about may cause a problem for SH. My apologies to SH if that is so. It is only my intention to say what I think needs to be fixed.



since there are now so many contests maybe we can introduce what I suggested last year - sh hold a refundable deposit for when the ch decides on a name- if they dont decide sh keeps the deposit

It may mean fewer contests but most would have a proper ending

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@Jose, I think that is a good idea. In the end, SH and we are spending a lot of uncompensated time on these which will be eliminated by doing something that will keep it on the up n up.

@Commulinks, thanks for the feedback. We have considered several alternatives but we intend to keep the option of Non Guaranteed contests for Gold packages. There are several non guaranteed contests that get awarded, including abandoned contests however it is entirely up to the creatives to decide whether or not to participate in them.

My opinion is non guaranteed means non guaranteed, I just skip those or put in one name and move on,

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I deleted the parts of my post that were beyond non-guaranteed contests. @Dan, I will send you a message about what is really behind this.

I can’t remember a day when I’ve agreed with so many posts on this forum. Among them yours, Holly’s and SH’s promise to deal with users who have multiple accounts.