I know the new system is supposed to stop similar names but

it seems to have gone too far - its difficult to enter names that begin the same now .I thought the idea was to stop plurals and such like.

Im trying to do a word beginning with Advent for one of the contests but finding it impossible as it says someone entered every word even if I try something really odd


Based on my observations, under current prevailing conditions it’d be possible to enter a word ‘advent’ followed by ‘adventor’,for example., However you’d be prevented from doing the same operation in the reverse order.

I cant do advent anything unless its very long

Are you able to do it now ?

@Jose, we have received similar feedback from few other users as well, and we agree that it needs to be less restrictive. We will work on modifying the similar name check algorithm.


I have had that happen on two contests in the last week, especially when a CH says they want a word used, such as the symbian contest. By the time I read the brief, I pretty much couldn’t enter Symbian anything!


Yes, please…it is waaaaay overboard.

Especially on like the Dive contest where he wants HYDRO… you know darn well all the names we are entering are not already submitted, some yes, but it’s blocking almost everything. Opposite of trying to give the contest holder what they want.


I have a feeling in there somewhere is a rabbit hole.

I feel just blocking plurals would be enough - I wanted to add an …ed to one of my own entries to make it better and was blocked by myself

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lol that’s happened to me too. I think “dang it”, someone’s already submitted something similar…oh yeah, it was me! :slight_smile:

Update: We have changed the algorithm, and made it less restrictive. It should now allow you to submit most variations, unless it is very similar (e.g. plurals, extra spaces etc).