I know ive asked before but

could we please get the chs to fill in where they are from , it would help me decide whethere to enter some contests or not waste my time


I support this request completely.

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I agree too. Some of the CHs write English well, but then you start seeing that perhaps, English is not their first language…It would help us tremendously to know, instead of going on the discussion board and demand they tell us :wink:

it seems such an easy thing to do - we would also be made aware if they were not telling the truth if the ip address doesnt match where they say they are from

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This is in our queue - unfortunately not a very straightforward change due to how the contest launch flow is setup. However we will add it soon.

We have now added the Country information in the User Profile page as well as Contest page for all users (contest holders and contestants). If the user has not updated their country in their profile, we will automatically pick this information based upon location from where they signed into Squadhelp.

This should start showing for most users over the next 24 hours.


Thank You so much! Now it isn’t necessary to investigate the location of the client to consider a difference between British and American English. There are many other pluses also.



Congratulations on your recent winning name!!

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Grand merci & Good luck, LauraE:)

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