I have to say I much preferred the number system for rating

Its all getting rather depressing with the majority being nahs, before you could at least get a foothold with something to work with if you got a 3.

There doesnt seem to be enough scope with just the four options- the majority seem to end up being hated


It is right remark. If I had a choice, I would prefer former system.


Thanks everyone for your feedback. While we do not intend to go back to the old rating system, we are happy to revise the terminology used for the different emojis. We had previously revised the colors and titles based upon earlier feedback and we are happy to revise them again so that it doesn’t feel too negative.

From a CH user experience perspective, the first option needs to clearly imply that they are not interested in that entry because it gets hidden immediately after that rating. If you have suggestions on alternative titles for each one of these options, please feel free to share.

Maybe “Keep Trying” instead of “Nah”


How about “Not What I’m Looking For” - or simply - “No, Thank-You”


I am completely with you on this, Jose. And your use of the word “scope.” I really feel that it’s affecting the quality of the entries and the winners. I used to be so inspired by the quality of the winning names I’d see that completely addressed the brief and took it to the next level. I’d love to work within a feedback system that would allow us to achieve that again. This seems to be falling short.

@auntshommy, quality is a subjective word. We measure it from the lens of Contest Holders who come here to find the perfect name for their business. Over the last 60 days, the satisfaction score of contest holders has increased to an all time high. This is also reflected in the number of new contests that are being launched, significantly more contests based on word of mouth, as well as repeat contests from CH who have used the platform once. Yes, you might say that it feels that there are lot more abandoned contests now - but you have to look at them as a percent of total contests being launched. On a percentage basis, we now have less abandoned contests than was the case few months ago.

I encourage you to read the recent testimonials from contest holders who rave about the quality of creatives, as well as the names received on the platform.


sometimes a Nah is not actually very far off what actually wins which is also quite confusing…I think at the moment Im getting a ratio of 50 nahs to three vague smiles and One green looking person who looks sick but is actually smiling


Thanks, Dan, for your response(s.) It seems that a number of contestants have been similarly disappointed, regardless of the stats. But I am looking forward to being able to say that the cleverness I look forward to with winning names has returned again!!

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:wink: since you drew our attention to the testimonials - my eye was drawn to the first one on the list “handspark” where the ch rated 2 liked and 1 on the right track the rest were all Nahs

Wow, thanks for the link. I have not seen this before. It sure makes me feel good to know we are a key piece of someones journey to success and something they once dreamed up is finally real because it has a name. There are so many talented creatives here and like these businesses/logos etc… we name and design, we are just as different, however, all important. That’s all.:v:t4:

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Have to say,I like the “no,thank you” much better than “nah”.Thanks,Dan! Now if you get your wonderful,creative name you worked hard to deliver rejected…you don’t feel like a total loser! Lol!

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Not sure which thread to ask this on…but just wanted to confirm that “Not on the right track” ratings are still considered a positive rating in the percentages, right? Thanks!