I have another idea -

would it be a good idea if the new contests await someone at sh reading through them before they go live .Maybe we could avoid the clarity issue about how many words they want or if they have actually done the right type of contest etc
I think it would help on quite a lot of contests where we have the same old questions


I think that’s what delaying 12-24 hours can help address, too. The first 3 hours maybe contestants just ask questions, no entries allowed yet. Well, contestants can start collecting their ideas… and if the brief made a sharp turn then no need to submit those names… win win…

A bit like having Stages, isn’t it? I think all good things have stages :slight_smile:

This one could be called the Qualifying Stage, or Cooling-off period. On your mark, get set…


IMHO most contest holders just put number of words as a rough guideline, don’t take it as a commandment.


the number of words was just an example really - there is usually something unclear on every contest - hence I annoy everyone by asking :wink:

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Right, unless they’ve run contests before and had related feedback from creatives, they likely wouldn’t realize how literally we’d interpret “number of words.”


This is a good idea @Jose . Maybe you could put this in the string about Tips for Contest holders we have going? I think for many reasons the contest should be reviewed and I love your suggestion, too, @Front! Anything to improve the quality of the description would really improve it would be great. I think the CHs will be happier in the end as well. Maybe we’d get less abandoned contests.

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