I have a suggestion!

I have a suggestion. Remove the shortlisted tab from CH. They don’t need it. If they love an entry so much, they should pick it as a winner. The shortlisted become short lived, anyway. . From now on, I’m declaring myself an Unlucky One in shortlisted names!


They need a shortlist I think for audience testing and trademarking…for example if they have shortlist of 6 names 3 go to audience testing and come back with positive results but does not pass trademarking . Also at the middle and beginning of the month it makes the prize split better and more fair than the old matrix they used. Also it encourages the Contest holder to narrow their choice rather than being overwhelmed with 20 shortlisted names.


Before the shortlist, CHs were narrowing down their favorites by changing love-its to lower ratings. Since the shortlist, they are far more likely to retain the original ratings.

The shortlist allows them to hone down their list in a way that doesn’t penalize the creatives.