I have a queation, I have try to get ingo about it but I have found nothing related to it.

How many times could I any entries that have not won any contest yet?

I mean could I use any entry that I used in contests in the past but has not won on any past contest?

I have to ask because I have used nice entries so far in contest that only were rated as On Right Track but I love them and I really think are great names.

It makes no meaning if you love a name and the CH does not, I’ve submitted names I don’t even imagine the .com is still available this days to contest and was rated no thank you, also, I’ve submitted a random name just to participate in a contest and I’m surprised it won. Back to your question, you have no limit as per the time you can submit your entry in a contest provided it has not won a contest, but if you submit it to many contest and fortunately it won, SH will automatically remove it from every other contest I guess. However, if you submit variation of such name, you’ll need to manually withdraw it since it will be violating policy by winning a contest with variation of a winning name.


Yes, you may use any of your previous entries that have not won, as long as you feel they are what the CH is looking for :slightly_smiling_face: You also want to avoid repeating the same name throughout multiple contests, as this could cause a problem if more than one CH wants that name. The goal is to provide each CH with names that are unique to their needs. Good luck to you! :+1: