I got full access but I still cant join all contests


Today I got an email saying I have full access! (yay!) :grinning: but for some reason I still cant enter all the open contests. I went on one now and tried to submit and I got this:

•Since your account is new, you are only allowed to participate in few contests that are randomly assigned by Squadhelp. You will receive an email from Squadhelp when new contests are assigned to you. After 1-2 weeks, based upon the quality of your submissions, you will receive full access. Click here to see all contests currently assigned to you.

Maybe it takes some time to update the system or something I don’t know… Maybe somebody can look into this?


Hi @CursorLink, Congratulations on your ‘promotion’ ! On the contest pages, there is a blue cloud where you can communicate with SH, or you can wait until @Dan comes. It’s probably just a glitch

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It may be that the contest started before you had full access. I think it only applies to contests started after you get full access.

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@CursorLink, you might want to logout and login once in order for the system to update your settings. Alternatively you can also try a different browser. The access to contests should be immediate once you receive the email, but it does require you to logout/ login once.

This happens to me once in a while. I just have to hit refresh, then I can submit. It’s a glitch now and then.

It seems to be working 100% now. Thanks guys for the help. Im quite sure velocityGirl was right in saying it only applies to contests started after I got the full access.