I get a feeling its best just to keep quiet


the two times i tried to be helpful I got a slap so I guess I wont be helpful in future.
Silence is golden
I will log out and just read then I cant do anything wrong


@CreativeJohnny awwh Johnny you need to be careful in the forum with what you say and who its about or SH admin will ask you to “Remove your comment”. You cant talk badly about the contest holders or fellow creatives. You’ll get the hang of it soon enough, but don’t let it discourage you from being a part of our chats. The more the merrier!


I was actually helping a contest holder who opened three contests at once in error.No doubt Im not allowed to say this either lol


Nope. LOL You just press the magic blue button and tell SH Admin and let them deal with any CH issues. Its your safest bet.


Johnny, it would probably help you if you could find and read the rules on participation in the forum. It outlines this kind of thing. I can’t find them right now but I think if you log out you can see them at the top of the forum. It mentions discussions about contests, for example. But your input here is valuable so don’t just stop talking! Just know what the parameters are.


If it helps, a lot of people have been chastised here as well. As Lisa said, you’ll get the hang of it!


@CreativeJohnny I have had Admin ask me to remove comments when I first started and I’ll bet anyone who’s been around for a bit has too. Don’t let it get you down!


@CreativeJohnny I’m in the got smacked line too. Welcome to the naughty side :slight_smile:


In hindsight, I will say that I sort of deserved it when I have had issues brought to my attention. When I started with SH, I did not realize the forum was so public and, as I’ve said in another post a while ago, I think all of us “start” with SH with a significant lack of trust. That is not our fault and not SH’s fault…it’s because we come here and lay it on the line (take a risk/chance on SH) when there are so many bad players out in the interwebs that I, for one, expected to find out it was all a scam. And it was NOT! Far from it, in fact. Even in writing this post, I am being careful about talking about my “jaded past” in the forum because I need to take responsibility, too. LOL. But I am operating wholeheartedly from a position of trust in SH now and I understand better why the things I said were not suitable for the forum and not fair criticisms. I own that. SH has reasons for the forum rules, which I also understand a lot more now.

PS: I have been an independent business owner for a long time… so it’s not easy for me to feel supervised. I’m used to being in charge. My bad!


It wasnt in the forum.A ch opened all three of their bundle contests at once and I suggested they should contact sh., which they did and put the other two on hold ,Maybe someon had a bad day at the office but the tone of the email was a little harsh


I remember thinking the same thing the first time I got slapped. That the tone was harsh.

They’ve got a job to do. They are just doing it. Don’t take it personally.


oh well I got a win today :wink: