I feel Discouraged


@Chasity2ku I feel your pain…been there too. I just lost a tagline contest with transposed wording. Didn’t even get a Love It. Don’t give up (that’s what I keep telling myself). Your day will come!


Yup I just scrolled through the winners list and saw a tagline and thought “hold up! That’s my tagline!” But it wasn’t obviously!! The exact same thing @annoloc, I,was like argh so flipping close, and I never even got a rating on it, typical!!


Seriously if i get downgraded a few hours before a contest closes or shortly after again, i may just have a visit to my cardiologist


Funny thing I noticed is that when ratings or contest wins don’t matter at all to me, I am completely unmotivated to participate in contests. So a healthy amount of heartache might actually help you, by making you keep participating (And winning) contests.


I of all people hate to be a downer and appreciate the encouragement, I’m beginning to think hope is for suckers. So I’m gonna stop hoping for a win and am now Determined ))))


3 shortlisted, down to 2 can’t get get a win to save my life last one had passed the 30 days no split, today awarded elsewhere…highest rated alone Ch can’t declare me the winner? Down to 1 shortlisted ugh so no splits in site, what’s the secret sauce? Am I not rah rahee cheery enough? Should I just start throwing out any ol name and tons per contest ( seems to work for some), Please somebody, anybody provide me with some answers! feel like I’m in bizarro land where what’s down should be up n vice versa, Am I out of my league? I try to mimicking some of the usual big winners with made up names to no avail, I dig deep to find meaningful combos that flow off the tongue that seemed to get washed out, then I try for clever shorter urls, not sure of these results because they seem to go… In short I feel super discouraged being in is endless loop, where I’d rather be laughed at by chs and my ratings plummet solidifying I can’t name, or I start winning and can just pass it off as a rough patch,


I just had a look at your profile. Number of Submissions per Win : 296

I’ve ignored the logo designers and just looked at the namers at the top of this months leaderboard:
No 2 on leaderboard: Number of Submissions per Win : 331
No 3 on leaderboard: Number of Submissions per Win : 541
No 5 on leaderboard: Number of Submissions per Win : 530
No 6 on leaderboard: Number of Submissions per Win : 449
No 7 on leaderboard: Number of Submissions per Win : 573
No 8 on leaderboard: Number of Submissions per Win : 354

You are winning more than the top 10! You are just doing a lot less contests.


That’s a good way to look at it, Able. Mine is 406 and I enter only about half the contests that the leaders do. I don’t win half as much, though! LOL.


I just try to think per the brief then think abstractly because the briefs change so much and enter based on the brief then based on the abstract thoughts I come up with


I would say this is about typical for what and how i enter things


I TOTALLY GETCHA… it takes getting out of the box…and it is better to take a break to allow your head to think of the contests that are out there then refocus


hmmm Im seeing that people that dont follow the brief seem to win more so I will be trying that


Deleting won’t change the # and don’t beat yourself up, I’ve seen you do some awesome stuff!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Well TK…when you change things around,you do it big time! What a great payoff! Congrats!


Big thanks Hollygirl! :smiley:


It happened again :weary::weary: except this time it was an exact match :frowning:️ I’d been using that name in compatible contests almost the whole time I’ve been here. But a genuine congrats to @fxpreneur!!! Great minds… :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Oh no, I really feel for you.

Not that it’s any consolation but I’ve had it happen to me too. One of those names I only saved for $300 contests was submitted by someone else to a $100 contest and won. I no longer ‘save’ names for $300 contests unless I actually register them.

Your turn will come around next @Chasity2ku


Ooh that stings. Yeah I actually used to save certain names for higher paying contests but then I realized I rarely win anyway so why decrease my already slim chances lol

BTW after posting that I went to see when I first submitted it, and how many times I used it, and I’m not happy with what I found lol Apparently I first used it in March of 2016 but I’ve only used it 5 times :flushed: and to top it off I only used the actual word by itself as a .com in only one contest! WTH is wrong with me lol I honestly thought I’d used it MUCH more than that…now I’m kicking myself instead of feeling like a bridesmaid lol

Anyway thanks for the kind words :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you Chasity2ku,i dont know that name just came up to my mind lol, lucky just. You have great mind too, and so do other creatives. I really thank you, i appreciate that. :grinning:


Yes yes agreed with @AbleBrands… your turn will come around sooner than you expected @Chasity2ku.