I feel Discouraged


Well try to hang on, watch the cat vid on props thread, if anything you will smile for a few…


Maybe this will encourage some of you, and especially in answer to your recent note @Seezall about winning 5 plus a month. The top creative namers on the leaderboard (consistently) tend to have these things in common: They enter 260-500 per month and their win percentages are from under 1% to 2%. There are a few exceptions of people who enter less contests but that is rare. I can tell you that in order for me to win at the rate I need and expect, I have to enter at least 200 contests per month and I am not able to do more than that. I participate in non-guaranteed contests rarely so that is why my numbers are lower but also because of available time. So if you compare this to your own participation rates and win percentages you may get an idea of what you might need to change. And, by the way, top winners also don’t necessarily have super high ratings… so don’t think that it is that. Sometimes when we compare ourselves to others, we aren’t using the right metrics and that is why I am posting this.


so it goes back to quantity over quality, my numbers used to be stellar a win every 50 contests and an average of 100 entries per win…


That really isn’t what I said, Seezall. But quantity of contests entered does seem to matter. Just because people participate in more contests, it doesn’t mean that their entries are poor quality. There’s also a lot more competition than there was before.


well i aint giving up, and am only gonna ramp up my efforts to win more and more consistently


(((@seezall))))) hugs, to you and luck to you!!! And to all of us!!!


Umm, I enter a lot of contests, but I only enter 1, maybe 2 submissions. I think my quantity/quality ratio is just fine. And I wouldn’t call myself a top creative, but I’ve done fairly well.


You actually are a top creative, ALDaisy1. I know you haven’t been here as long as several of us, but you are a top creative…


Idk, I just got back from a three day scout camping trip, so right now my mind is fried, lol.


Oh how I wish I could go camping in the winter… minus the scouts part. LOL. But congrats, yes you are a top creative here. You just didn’t realize it because you haven’t been here very long. The number of contests you win is really awesome.


@CreativeJohnny Congrats on your first win :slight_smile:


Thank you I had hoped to win the one you just won though lol
I am afraid mine was not very inventive


I would love to say congrats whole heartedly, and while glad and happy you broke through, didnt help my confidence any about the only contest for the past 2 months i had a shot in, I musta p’ oed the Naming gods pretty good


It’s all very subjective here. Who knows why one name does better than another.
Happy for you on your win!


@seezall [quote=“seezall, post:33, topic:2439”]
I musta p’ oed the Naming gods
[/quote] Lol! I spit my drink out on that one!


Nothing like opening the winner’s page to find someone won with a name you made up and have been trying to win with for about a year and the only difference is one letter.

Always a bridesmaid, never the bride :frowning:

Upside is I can still use it but apparently someone else needs to submit it :disappointed:


Had that happen to me twice in one week…although it in both cases was the exact name I have been submitting in contests for a long time,and getting good ratings on…but never winning with. Frustrating huh? I guess it just means we are often on similar wave lengths.


I feel you on those,


[quote=“Chasity2ku, post:36, topic:2439”]
Nothing like opening the winner’s page to find someone won with a name you made up and have been trying to win with for about a year and the only difference is one lette.r[/quote]
DANG! - :disappointed:


love it when a CH cant even rate what you mark a Best entry