I feel Discouraged

I started SH in June with my first and the last win in June. I’ve done all sort of things hoping I’ll win this but my efforts are been disregarded
Someone should pls help me


I wish we could help you but the simple fact is that all of us lose contests much more than we win, and most of us never, or rarely win. I went from winning a contest about once a month to not winning one for over a year now. I too am discouraged but my addiction and love for SH keep me coming back. It’s hard, but it’s easier to stay encouraged if you’re doing it as a hobby. If you’re doing this for the sole purpose to make extra cash, or with the expectation of winning, then you will probably face a lot of disappointment, but if you’re doing this because you enjoy it, it’s typically easier to let some of this stuff roll off your back, for me anyway. Just know that you’re not alone because most of us, if not all of us, have felt the same at some point, and unfortunately prob will again…it’s just the nature of the beast. But it may help to check out the “how do you stay encouraged on SH?” thread created by a fellow creative at: How do you stay encouraged on SQUADHELP?. SH also has “SH Naming Guidelines for Creatives” that has some tips on how to develop strong entries at: http://helpdesk.squadhelp.com/creatives-starter-kit/squadhelp-naming-guidelines-for-creatives. Hopefully some of this is helpful. Hang in there! :slightly_smiling_face:


STAY INSPIRED… THINK OUTSIDE YOUR HEAD!!! Think outside your head and think inside your head…and the two ideas will meet. Also I spend time doing industry research and read news and articles to stay inspired and encouraged. LEARN to think ABSTRACTLY or AB-S-TRACT-LY. Throw in ideas that are on the wall, off the wall, and walk the gray lines… that will give you a good idea of what the CH is looking for and is a good barometer for you as a CR to see where the CH is headed. Many times I see contests starting in one direction then headed another… but you have to think the sumbissions they receive will encourage and inspire the CH … they could be looking for 3 ONLY REAL WORDS then you may see two days later a BRIEF change and could be looking for something that is ABSTRACT and a MADE UP word… so think OUTSIDE YOUR YOUR HEAD… and it will all come together. I have only been doing this since May… I think … and I love the way it challenges my mind to think


I have worked harder the past 6 months than the last 2 yrs. I have submitted quality over quantity. I have been loved then not, shortlisted then not, shortlisted and someone wins who was not shortlisted. I am pretty close to just quitting. It’s just incredibly frustrating the way things are going. :snail:



Hugs and Loves. I know it’s frustrating as I’m in the same boat too.


Oh Lorin (and Laura, too), I am sorry to hear this.

Here’s what I want to tell you. You’ve just written out what an unsuccessful strategy is for you. You’ve just proven to yourself that this strategy is not working and you are working harder. That means you need to change it up. I say this because that has happened to me, too, and when I changed my strategy, I did better. Don’t wait so long to figure out if your strategy is working. Change it completely and go at it. It takes about a month or a month and half (because of how LONG it takes for contests to end), to know if you did the right thing to EARN MONEY. Your loves and likes will also tell you that along the way, but the real proof is in MONEY!

“Quality” is a relative term. What you are looking to find is the “sweetspot” … the place where CHs live, not where you want them to live. That means for each one you’ve got to learn what they like. Do they want something like: Thisincrediblylongdomainthatnobodywilleverrememberinamillionyears.com or must they have Word.com? It means you have to take risks.

One time, long ago, I posted in the forum that sometimes I submit names that I’m not all that crazy about. You’d be surprised how many times I’ve gotten loves and likes over those names that I didn’t really love myself but I felt like that was the CHs sweetspot.

Change your strategy drastically! You can do this!


I’m right there with ya!
Starting to think if it weren’t for the bi monthly splits on abandoned contests, I wouldn’t “win” at all.


I’ve gone from pretty consistently winning 3-9 contests a month,to one. And I have white knuckled it all month,and at times asked myself why I am doing this, to even win the one.I have found in the two years I have been here it is very circular. You can be not winning at all and be in a slump…then suddenly, CH’s start liking/choosing your names. I know it is hard when the payoff isn’t commensurate with your hard work,and you scratch your head at what is happening around you. Even though in some respects the splits are frustrating…especially when you only may win a few dollars…at least it is some money, I’ve decided.Any money is good!


I’m right there with you Lorin. I went from winning about one a month to winning nothing after several months. I’m not doing anything any differently than before but something has obviously changed. The splits award system doesn’t benefit me much because I don’t participate in a ton of contest for several reasons. I thought maybe Instant Domains could be helpful but my submissions just keep getting rejected. I’ve only had one approved. Ive grown weary putting in so much time only to be disappointed repeatedly. All the other naming sites are a waste of time. I feel lost. I’ve got to find something else to fill my spare time and make money.


So with ya on serveral levels here :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:


@tkpro72 I understand completely - Every single Instant Domain that I’ve submitted has been rejected - this is after carefully looking at my names that have many likes/loves over various contests, and that are broad enough to appeal to many different companies, but no, SH just doesn’t agree. So I decided to spend my time only entering guaranteed contests, in the hopes of either winning (of course:) or “winning” with splits - I believe my odds are better at getting to that $300 prize through winnings and splits rather than possibly, just maybe selling an instant domain. As for contest winnings, I definitely go through ups and downs - one week I feel on top of it all and the next I wonder if I’ve lost my creative edge all together :slight_smile: I feel like it’s all so subjective, a little luck, and right timing.


And just a side note, as human beings we innately need affirmation and to feel valued. When we get this affirmation through SH it’s amazing and it confirms what we know is to be true inside of us, “creatively” and for lack of a better word, “cut out for this.” When it’s taken away or put on pause for an extended period of time, we start to question ourselves b/c our creative egos and self worth is being effected, so to speak. Being the creative souls that we are, we are very much in our heads and probably tend to overthink (I know I do). I’m so glad that we have these forums to talk about it, scratch our heads together, and to boost each others morale. I look up to so many of you guys and the creativity that flows through SH is inspiring and sometimes simply brilliant :blush:


I’m with ya lorin, Killin me getting downgraded out of shortlisting or bested , nothing real from splits, befuddled on some of the ratings I’ve gotten too, not sure what to do…


If you figure it out @seezall, please let me know.


Even worse when you get a VTY rating and the winning name is just a few letters off of your name, #discouraging


I just got two I love the cuteness no thank yous.

…update actually getting a lot in the last few minutes - can you give me more/not a good fit

I feel like I’m stuck in the friend zone, got lots of contests I’m liked in, but none wanna shortlist me, lol


Feeling discouraged as well…lots of shortlists but no wins.


nolt even getting the shortlist so i cant even look forward to some poss splits… not sure how those consistently winning 5plus a month with a ton of splits in between do it, might i add its not like my % score is in the 60s, matter fact its closer to 93, so really not sure what i can do better


I know what you mean. I wish I knew what those folks are doing that I’m not. I already know I’m not going to qualify for any splits so nothing to look forward to. At this point I’m feeling so down I’m not entering contests at all because I’ve lost all confidence. I hope something comes through for you guys that are still hanging in there as well as myself. I think I need to reevaluate my approach and try something new or just let this go for a while. Anyway I wish you guys the best of luck.