I expect everyone is sick of me asking the same question in contests but

There appears to be a problem . On one word contests I ask is it definitely one word that you are looking for ? The majority of the time the answer is no or Im not really sure .If they are only asking for less than 9 letters I wouldnt ask of course.

Now it seems I have to ask on two word contests - do you only require two words for the name and we can use any amount to get the domain or do you require two for both .

It all seems to be getting quite complicated and not many contests seem to end up with what they asked for


@Jose, the number of words should be used as a guideline - sometimes the CHs are not very sure about the number of words, but they would pick a limit of 1 or 2 words to avoid names that are too long. However if they receive a name that they really love, they might still select it even if it includes an extra word. We have to keep in mind that many CHs do not know what to expect when they launch a contest, and therefore they might include certain constraints initially as general preferences. Many of them still appreciate out of the box, thoughtful and creative ideas even if the ideas slightly deviate from their initial preferences such as word count. You should use the word count limit as a guideline but if you have a really good name that you think might be a perfect fit for their business, it might be ok to submit even if it slightly deviates from their original word count requirement.


what about when they are asking for two words , it doesnt make it clear if we can an an extra one for the domain…its seems like you can do any domain as long as the name is two words in some contests, so I dont really understand.

I suppose I should just ignore them and give the names I want to give them lol, which defeats the object of a brief

Just an idea I had while reading these posts. Does the CH have the option of selecting 1 word only, 1 to 2 words, 2 words only, 2 to 3 words and so forth? If not, maybe the Ch should have a few more options.

@Arnet, no a ch has the option of selecting the number of words the way a cake is sliced starting with a 6-8 piece appetizer, progressing to 8-10 bits and then to 10-12, etc. What i have found out by weighing the most economically packed version of goodness in a local bakery is that one gets more value for the investment when choosing a 10-12 piece cake :wink:

Do you mean number of letters?

I mentioned number of words.

Anyway, are there contests that require two words but no more than 9 letters or some such? I really haven’t noticed any, but I would normally skip a contest with a requirement such as that anyway and this may be my reason for not recalling any.

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It seems to me this number of words option is not helpful to both CHs and contestants. It’s confusing, not a good fit, and maybe most contestants aren’t paying any attention to it. Letting an uninitiated CH use this option might end up limiting the variety of choices they stand to get.

What practical purposes do it really serve?

Only thing I can think of, it’s to help SH Bot pick 10 finalists in abandoned contests. :wink: