I don't like the names.what to do?

Hello, I create a name contest for my business and received a fair amount of names but unfortunatly none of the names are a good fit for me. I paid to get a great name but will most likely leave empty handed.
What can I do ?
What do I do if contest ends and i dont use any name?

Hi Patrick,
You would need to contact SquadHelp . I believe there should be a blue button to contact them on your contest page.


Hello and welcome to the forums. Your’s is a guaranteed contest, so you cannot cancel it and get a refund. Only non-guaranteed contests can be cancelled for a refund.

Your contest still has around 2 days left, so you may yet find a name that you like. You can improve chances of that happening by giving detailed and precise feedback on what you like and dislike about names submitted so far, and any trends or directions you like. You can also provide individual feedback on specific entries you think are close to the right name. Quality and suitability of names can be improved greatly by engaging the creatives through open and honest communication.

Here’s hoping that you find a name that you like.


You’ve given some really nice recent feedback on the message board on your contest. Please continue to do that. Naming is a process that involves some back and forth so that we understand you and your business better. @lightless gave you some great advice.


The problem with naming for me is that I don t really know what I want for a name. I know how i want my business to be perceived. IM trying to give feedback as much as I can. Il try something different in a next message.

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You could do what some contest holders here do and share a shortlist of names with friends, family, customers and co-workers, to see which kinds of names are most liked. Might help you better understand and fix what you want in a name.


Do you have an image or visual idea of how you would like your business to be perceived? Sometimes submitting an image or series of images can really help creatives come up with some ideas for you.