I dont know whats gone wrong but

the ratings used to sort of send you in the right direction, now I dont feel like they are helping in the majority of contests.

Its almost like they want to send you in the wrong direction for whatever reason


I think it’s because with the stars…you could kind of figure out things more.With the straight out rejections…you don’t know if it’s just a tweak you might need, or if your name is way off the mark, or if they just like someone else’s a little better.

So I agree…it’s often hard to know which direction to go when your name doesn’t work…which is why so many entries are a shot in the dark, hoping you somehow will hit the target.

I could mention the dentist contest where I got a nah but it was actually very similar to the winner - no idea what the thinking is behind this

I don’t even bother with the ratings anymore, they don’t make sense to me as far as what direction I should take. They change from “Love it” to “No Thank you” then back up and down so quickly and even change after the contest is closed. I think of the ratings, as more, for the CH to help them with their process of deciding. This is just from my own observation during the short time I have been here :wink:


in theory its for us - to guide us to getting the ch the best name but seems more of an organisational tool that doesnt mean a lot to us

I would imagine it really varies with each CH and the process they use to decide.

maybe the purpose isnt described properly , I havent seen the information from a chs perspective

Just follow your brain. On the other hand, what due I no!