I appreciate the higher payouts

I just wanted to say thank you for encouraging the $100 + payouts. My personal feeling is when you lower a contest to $50 you are going to be encouraging the domain parkers who will be happy to throw in $50 and take home lots of names to register. The higher fees, while they don’t prevent it, will discourage it.
So, thanx. That was my 2 cents for the day :sunflower:


Yes I concur Lorin, 50’s nice for our time but a Benny puts a smile on everyone’s face :grinning: Plus admin consider the package options (just separate contests) Name and Tag even add a Name tag and logo deluxe gold package for 999/ 250 for logo winner and 125 each for namer and tagger, Hold naming contest , then Tag then off to logo, if we are forewarned its a package deal we can get as were naming we can think of tags etc…

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Thanks @LorinRyle. We are considering eliminating the $50 category altogether. We will continue to offer it for some more time, but plan to gradually phase it out for most contest types.


I hope this makes sense since I’m just ending an especially gruelling day so unsure if it will be expressed clearly, but here goes…

I definitely applaud SH for their plan to possibly scrap the $50 prize level.

I, as I expect many others do, put just as much effort into each contest that I have time to enter in order to hopefully come up with something the CH is thrilled with… without regard to the prize amount. So, given our collective effort, and compared to the thousands of dollars that a marketing agency would charge them to come up with a name, I would think that serious CHs should accept $100+ contests without batting an eye…

After all, the thrill of having your name appear on the winners’ list is just part of what keeps us going…the fact that we are choosing to spend time to help out these CH and earn winnings (usually over days, weeks, months before seeing a win) means that it would be much more encouraging to us to have the prize money level reflect our commitment level.

Or perhaps I’m just more acutely aware of it lately since others are winning $150 amounts and I’ve got a couple of $50’s under my belt LOL.


Forgot to add… SH I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but your new format and particularly your responsiveness are outstanding! Whoever is making the executive decisions there is right on target. You are going to keep a lot of namers over the long haul by promoting transparency and fairness as you have been. I know I’ve only been on the site for about a year but the tone has completely done a 180 for the good I might add.