I am the one who made negotiation, and somebody else who picked up the name, congrats! bleh!

it happened many times, sometimes because of connection, or just because i had to go to kitchen for a bite or two.

Congrat for the buyer of cureally! i was the one who tried to negotiate, late for seconds, then snap by somebody else! bleh!

@grant , is there anyway to make the list secret, or automaticly make bulk deal, in case we make deal with some people. So when he or she change the price, domains wont snap by somebody else.

when i make bulk deal, i have to go one by one, instead just bulk deal. Many times names snapped by somebody else because of this.


I agree it is not ideal situation and many times the domain you negotiated is snapped by someone else in seconds. It happened with me before.
I suggest offer item mechanism, this is used in ebay where you can offer an item to someone.
Or generate a discount coupon code is also a good idea.