I am new and have questions?

Hi, I am new and have a couple
Questions and concerns. Firstly I am wondering if we are suppose to delete ratings that are good ( so far for me that means a 3 or 4 star) lol? I need to at times to make room for more submissions so I am guessing it is okay but I am not sure? Are the ratings automatically calculated to my account? If so it wouldn’t matter if they were deleted? Some people mention that their ratings changed on their submissions and I wonder if that is because they didn’t delete it in time which gave the CH time to change his mind. If the account is automatically updated with scores then how can the CH change it? Also, when the CH reads the submission but doesnt rated it, does that mean that they are thinking about it or did they just want to spare me a one star? lol I am just getting frustrated and disappointed when I know I put good names out only to be shot down with a lot of 2s. I got my first 4 the other day, Woot woot! :smiley: How long did it take for all of you to get somewhere here with better scores and a first win? Sometimes I think the CH sees that I am new and assumes I am inexperienced and then goes with someone else with higher ratings. I do love doing this so much I love to be creative but sometimes wonder if it is worth my time and if it is all real or not? Another concern I have is with the charity contest, It is seems sketchy to me! If someone feels the same let me know? Maybe I am wrong. I guess that is for another post. Lol Have a great Day and good luck to everyone! :smile:

No Never delete your names, only potentially after a winner is selected but never before because 3’s have won with higher ranked names showing! It does not affect your points if you do delete them. I think sometimes when it says seen but unrated could mean a few things so I generally disregard that, of course there are exceptions to every rule, Hang in there try to find your niche, type of contests and spend the most time on those and other high ratings you will get there.


Thank you Seezall, for your reply, it helped a lot! I won’t delet them anymore! I don’t get many submission slots yet, so that is why I was deleting some to make room. :slight_smile: Trying to work my way up to more points and submission slots. Thanks again! :smile: