I am having a bit of a problem

Im trying to learn a bit more about naming and how the winning names come about , but I cant see most of the contest details .The tier A contests are a total mystery and I dont know how I will ever learn how those names come about as I see nothing at all.Is there a reason why I shouldnt see the contests when they have ended ?

The names are not posted/shown until three days after the winner has been chosen. This may be why you are not able to see them?

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I mean seeing what the actual contest is all about,:wink: I can see the winning names on the winners board but I cant see how they came about as I cant access the contest detail for both tier A and contests from a long time time ago.
It makes learning whats a good name a bit difficult if you cant see the contest

Hi Johnny and welcome, This is a good question for @grant

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As far as I know, unless your a Tier A creative you would not be privy to the contest brief during or after the contest has closed. You will however be able to see the winning name on the winner board about three days after they were chosen.
You could check out this article on the helpdesk

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I also think that there are two different kinds of Tier A contests.
One where the CH only wants Tier A Creatives to participate. The contest will not open up after a certain time for everyone. Then there’s the contest where Tier A creatives have first crack at them for a few hours, then they open up for everyone else. Now this is just my opinion on what I’ve seen, but I could be wrong.

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I just wanted to learn more about how the names came about. A name without seeing the contest doesnt help me improve .

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I see why you want to be able to access this info. I do think it would help to see how a variety of contests progress from A to Z. Unfortunately, I think you’re blocked from seeing the briefs (even after a winner is selected) because you need to reach a certain trust level. Some CHs pay extra to keep the details of their business or product private, only allowing actual participants to view the brief AFTER agreeing to a non-disclosure agreement. Basically, there is a potential for some to scavenge contests for good ideas, new inventions, etc. You need to participate enough to prove you are here to be creative and not just poking around. I know it’s hard with all the restrictions but they serve an important purpose! Hang in there! Oh…and if it helps…a lot of times we can’t connect the dots even when we can read the brief lol. Sometimes you’re just left scratchin’ your head :wink:


@CreativeJohnny You’ll also find the longer that your around, that sometimes even the brief wont help you figure out how the name came about or why they chose it. Sometimes a creative will put an explanation of their name with their submission. Only the contest holder can see this. Other times the name makes no sense if your not knowledgeable about the industry that is being named. And finally, sometimes the winning name has absolutely nothing at all to do with the brief. Its a learning process. Best of luck in 2018


Hi just want to say you would be surprised at how many times a win is off base from the brief or something won because the creative followed their instincts while reasonably following the brief. One way to learn is to study the market. We can all tell you about perfect names that followed the brief that we loved that lost.

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well I am definitely seeing some terrible names on the TV at the moment loll so that must be the trend