How's this for an unforgettable name?


A gas station in my area renamed itself (or was sold, I don’t know). We drove by one day and the old sign that was familiar gas station brand became…

Yup, that’s the name. We thought we read it wrong as we went flying by on the highway. But nope, it’s a stinker all right. Talk about memorable! :joy:


I believe it’s quite an old brand, with skunk mascot. Can’t believe they still exist :smiley:


There is a gas station/convenience store company in the southwest called “Terribles”. I always liked the name and it’s easy to remember.


There was once an Motel/Inn on the outskirts of JohnsonCity, TN that was named “It Will Do” Motel


There is an auto wrecking vendor in my college town. The place is named after the owner Frank Crash. His daughter Caren was a schoolmate, she said that she was teased constantly while growing up.


We have two local bars with fun names.
The Dew Drop Inn
The Alibi


We have a famous backwoods bar nearby… called the Bucksnort Saloon. Legend has it that Willie Nelson and other famous people drop by there because it is really out of the way but has a long history. And also nearby…Hog Heaven (BBQ joint) where Steven Tyler dropped in last year! 2 minutes from my house and I missed him!


We have a gas station that was called The Pump House when I was a kid… it’s been sold and renamed three times but all the locals still call it that.


We also have an e-cigarette store thats called…
Planet of the Vapes lol


The Happy Camper

This Colorado shop is located near the main highway in the mountains that takes thousands of city people to their favorite camping spots every weekend.

Guess what they sell.
Answer: Cannabis!


I should have known since it was Colorado!


LOL! Yup! That’s the Colorado chill lifestyle.


Here in WV, the state logo is Almost Heaven and Wild and Wonderful, but it should be called “Meth Metro” because of all the meth labs the police have been busting here. We have such a drug problem in this state!


Ugh! Yes, my home town in NH has the distinction of having a huge opiod problem. It makes me so sad because it was one of those sweet towns to grow up in.