How Would You Improve The Site?


Hi @LisaMac - Can you please provide a bit more information to clarify this request?


Thank you for this thought. It is a good idea. We will likely develop this in the near future.


Hi @AbleBrands, I like this idea! I’d like for it to be an option though b/c some of my logos don’t “fall in line” with a lot of the contests I submit it to.


On our account earnings. If we win a contest, it shows the date, contest ID number and prize amount. But if I chose to pay $10 to renew a marketplace domain, it just says date, domain renewal and $10 deduction from account. Doesn’t say which domain it was. I have a few that were renewing at the same time


I think that SH should consider giving discounts for SH registered domains only from their share instead of deducting even more money from creatives’ share. Thanks for the consideration.



Could I request that owned domains submitted to the marketplace are accepted or rejected at the price submitted please?




Firstly I am grateful (and we all are) for the opportunities Squadhelp offers. The marketplace is a huge improvement and development.

And we are all a part of it. So, it means that we all sellers need some personal improvement and development in the branding niche.

The lower commissions on our accepted domains is the main issue I want to adress. It has gotten to the point where I receive (and I am sure I am not the only one) the equivalent of a contest prize.

Being a part of a domain marketplace means much more than that, that is why the marketplace was created in the first place, right? For more earning opportunities.

We all deserve more earning opportunities due to the work/dedication we put here and because we constantly prove ourselves we have talent in naming and branding.

I just discovered that one of the domains I sold here was bought by a company that has a connection with Microsoft.
Which for me, it is a huge deal. I think it is the best I’ve come so far in the branding niche. I never sold a domain that has 4 figures in price (which is my main goal and my strongest desire at the moment) , but this…this is for me a big start in the tech industry, even if I contributed with just a name.
I just can’t express the joy and the sense of accomplishment I feel.

Without Squadhelp, this was never possible for me.

And even if I am very pleased with the winnings, it made me realized I deserved more than that: at least the commission for the owned domains, the higher one.

That domain wasn’t bought by me, so I received the lower commission.

If I would have bought it, I would have received the highest prize of my history spent here.

With this in mind, it would be awesome if our owned domains would get a chance of being accepted, not just the ones bought by Squadhelp.
Everyone deserves a chance in life, so why our owned domains wouldn’t?

I don’t know if this was addressed before, but a beta test phase (or something like that) would be great. If someone shortlists your name, it means it is a good name with highly chances of being bought in the future.

How is this for a thought? Does this idea sound good or reasonable enough to be taken into consideration at least the bit?
I understand this whole business needs high spendings, I am not an expert in marketing, but a detailed response about this matter would be great. On why my idea would interfere in a not so beneficial way to the marketplace.

I don’t know about others but not a single one of my owned domains was accepted in the marketplace, and this made me adress this issue in the first place. But dozens of other ones did. For which, I repeat, I am grateful beyond words.

Thank you so much for your consideration. Hope my intervention wasn’t inappropiate or imposing in a negative way.


Excellent post, Tina and I agree wholeheartedly. I am very concerned about the lower commissions because I can see my names in that category are doing just fine. When it is time for them to renew, the net for me will be far less than a contest prize. And I, too, have dozens of owned domains that were not accepted to the marketplace and I would love it if some of them had a shot.


Nice post @tina. SH does accept owned domains, but they are quite picky and often under appraise them as @ablebrands pointed out. Whenever I write a comment about the SH commissions- SH tells me that I’m violating the forum’s rules. Someone privately wrote to me awhile ago that it’s a little like North Korea here sometimes. So I’ll just leave a little quote here that applies to life in general but also to the way a company should treat its business partners:

“Invest In People Who Invest In You”.

Please don’t send me another violation message, SH. I’ll address this further if I ever end up in a council meeting. :slight_smile: Much love to SH for all the great things it’s doing, but blocking legitimate feedback and not fixing something that’s bothering so many creatives- not cool.


Where is my “deep respect” button when I need it? I’ll have to settle for some kind of emoji for you, Moretal. :star_struck::gift:


Thank you for sharing your feedback. I would like to address few things directly.

First of all, the reason we have this open Forum is for creatives to share their feedback (good or bad). As far as I know, we are the ONLY naming platform or marketplace that DOES offer open and two way communication in this fashion. If our goal was to suppress feedback, we could very easily turn off the forum, and be like other platforms where the only way to communicate is via private support messages. We are doing the opposite and infact proposing a creative council which will allow even more direct sharing of feedback.

We have chosen to invest in this forum, and have direct participation from our leadership team to openly engage with our community so that we can find ways to improve our platform by directly hearing what is working and what is not working.

However, there are certain guidelines such as making repeated posts about the same topics, or sharing specific incidents or domain registrations that are better discussed privately. These guidelines are not meant to suppress negative feedback. If you disagree with any of our features or platform policies, we encourage you to share it openly. If you have suggestions on how we can improve, we would love to hear them. However everyone is expected to follow the same forum posting guidelines that we have set out.

Now regarding the topic of marketplace commissions - we continue to evaluate the pricing and commissions and make changes as we further build out the marketplace.

The commission structure we offer on SH owned domains is based upon the risks and costs involved in registering thousands of domains, and other ongoing investment that is necessary. We understand that the commission structure for SH owned domains may not work for some creatives. One way to achieve a much higher commission is for creatives to register their own domains, and then submit them for sale. This way you also have the flexibility of listing your domains in other marketplaces (if you determine that they are able to offer a better or more competitive option compared to SH).

We apply our best judgement in setting the selling price of the domains, but we also understand that in many cases our pricing does not align with the selling price offered by other marketplaces. Our philosophy is that the domains must be priced aggressively with a realistic goal to sell them so that the creatives do not have to hold on to their domains for several years. However, this is an ongoing learning, and we continue to revise our thinking and pricing model as we achieve more learnings.

We are also a bit more selective compared to other marketplaces in approving the domains. This is because we want the customers to not get overwhelmed with too many options and at the same time, we also want every listed name to get enough visibility so that you do not have to compete against 50,000+ other listed names. We could also start charging an upfront listing fee for listing the domains and not worry as much about the actual sale, but we have chosen to take a different path.

While there is no doubt our marketplace, pricing and commission rules will continue to evolve, one thing that will never change is that we will always remain committed to our creative community and will continue to work directly with all of you to improve our platform.


Relating to marketplace entries…I would like to receive a notification “when backlog” is freed up so I can submit some entries. Thanks !


@darpan Thanks for the personal and detailed reply. Much appreciated. While I value everything you said and know that SH is transparent and encourages feedback as a whole- a forum should be a place where people should talk about all aspects of the platform- good and bad, not a place where a creative can say something once and then every time they want to chime in about it- they get warned.

The reality is that most creatives here can’t afford to buy domains and then submit them in hope that they would be accepted. If SH would allow submissions of unregistered domains and then let creatives know if they are accepted and give the option to choose- creatives could decide whether they want to register them or not. That’s not the case at the moment.

As for the commissions for SH registered domains (I’m presuming that I’m allowed to comment about it this time)- the fact of the matter is that from a situation where the commission was fair and the domains were priced lower, the commissions are now always very low while the domains’ prices are now much higher. In addition, SH offers discounts that are taking away even more from the little amounts creatives get. So: SH makes much more money from each sale while creatives absurdly are making much less. At the same time- SH’s costs of registration have dropped lately to $6.99 per domain due to registrations at NameSilo who offer lowered costs. For most domain sales and especially the ones under the new commission rules SH now makes $1000-$1200 at max price. That covers 140+ registrations. You guys get a lot of sales for more money. It should be reflected in what creatives are getting since we’re your business partners and we help make this place what it is with our creative input and involvement in the platform and shaping it. As I said: “Invest In People Who Invest In You”. At the moment, we’re all getting much less than we used to while SH is getting much more. That’s not encouraging.

While all of this in itself is problematic enough- it also contradicts what you and Grant said about SH’s commissions being competitive and rewarding and that the new commission structure would sometimes be in favor of creatives. In 99.9% of the cases it isn’t. That mostly applies to SH registered domains, but also to owned domains. I definitely don’t think you guys were trying to mislead, but the reality is that that’s the way things turned out to be.

For the benefit of creatives and SH alike, you guys should offer fair commissions across the board for all marketplace options. I hope you’ll continue to consider this matter and make the right decisions.

Thanks again for the openness and consideration. I hope the forum can also be a little less strict. It’s great that you have this forum in place and I think SH as well as creatives are benefiting from it- but it’s just not a very welcoming environment to be in when people keep getting warned and blocked.


Completely agree with @moretal here. Nothing more to add!

One minor point @Darpan, all of the other brandable marketplaces have a private forum that has two way discussion with other members, owners and staff. These forums are not open to the public, are not indexed in google and have no moderation of topics. This is probably why the domainers here get so many slaps, we’re used to being able to speak freely elsewhere.


@Darpan, I want very much to keep my response as brief as possible to have the most impact. Let’s just say that is hard…and it didn’t turn out that way…

I think I speak for some of us who are not high-end domainers like Moretal and Able. The reason we keep harping about commissions is because it is a problem that is not being solved. To make less on a name than we make in a contest is not good and it is extremely discouraging. Add to it the $10 renewal fee OR to take an even MUCH less commission on the name than $10 because we just can’t invest that $10 at the moment and from your perspective, get ready for hundreds of names to drop next year.

Creatives have come to SH to make money, not spend money. We put hundreds of free hours into this very addicting platform. We are enormously grateful that YOU had the time, money and intellect to create this platform - ENORMOUSLY. You personally have changed lives here. But many, many of us are not in the position to spend money here or have our creations go for less than what is reasonable. I have accepted a ton of lower commissions myself because I want my names working for me when I can’t spend time on the platform creating new names. I’ve also invested my limit in buying domains right now.

Bottom line is a plea to you, @Darpan: commission rules need to stop evolving and start solving. We are like kids here, tugging at your coat saying “dad, dad, dad, dad, dad”… listen to me! It will be much better for Squahelp and you if you listen and make changes.

Submitted with deep respect.


Great input @ablebrands and @commulinks. Yeah, we are used to voicing our opinions freely. I guess most people aren’t aware that other marketplaces have forums too because they’re not on the actual site. Perhaps SH should consider using the same platform which would help avoid indexing etc.


As a side note, while I am on other platforms, I don’t spend time on any of them or in their forums. I just list my domains. Squadhelp is much different than any of the others. Here, we create tailored names for contests and then maybe sub them to the marketplace. There’s not much to talk about on other platforms for me. Submit, finish listing, repeat. And as far as other naming platforms go… crowdsourcing types…honestly, they all stink. I tried them and stuck with SH because it is a vastly better platform. But I would love it if this forum were indeed private and not indexed.


@moretal @Commulinks @ AbleBrands WOW! Thank you sooo much for posting this! I agree with everything you have said above. And I believe you voiced out the thoughts that many of us have had for quite a while.

There’s a great saying “Nobody Wants to Buy a Drill… Everybody Wants to Buy a Hole”. The dedicated team of SH has created a truly incredible platform with amazing functionality. It’s “the drill”. We, creatives, have invested countless hours providing our talent, creativity and accumulated knowledge about branding. Some of us have spent years logging in (almost) daily. Results of our creative input have satisfied thousands of your clients, made them willing to come back and willing to recommend this platform to others. This is “the hole”. Clients come here to get a name, a tagline, or a logo and in the end, this is what they actually pay for. For this reason, I believe we have to work as a team. And as a part of a team, we deserve to be heard. We deserve to have a chance to not only applaud positive things but to effectively address problems (even uncomfortable ones) as well and to suggest solutions without the fear of being suspended or banned. I believe this is the only way to make this platform the best that it can be for everyone - you, your clients and us, creatives.

I say this with deep respect to the team of SH. I appreciate your work and I am truly grateful for the chance to use this platform and be a part of this community. I believe in this platform and I truly want it to keep growing and succeeding.


Love that saying, Eli!!! Thanks so much for posting your thoughts, too! Awesome.


A great, great post @EliCreative. I agree with every word and of course also really appreciate this incredible platform and its dedicated staff (I say it often, but maybe not often enough).