How Would You Improve The Site?


I secretly wish we had a thumbs down button for CH comments and interactions or lack thereof.


@Commulinks I openly wish for thumbs down, and secretly wish for comments section just for creatives :smiley: But that’s not realistic, this is (and must remain) CH oriented platform, and even though there are things we would like to see improved, it is the best crowd-sourcing platform I know, both for CHs and creatives.


It is a simple question “WHY are there so many pages without an active menu?” is making people use their back arrow some kind of special training technic?


I strongly suggest that SH reconsider the Cha-Ching schedule. Cha-chings should happen at exactly one month after close or creatives should be notified as to why they are not. I have a contest on my watchlist that is 5 months old. We creatives should get our money when it is due to us and when there are exceptions, we should be notified expressly. The longer names sit, the more likely they are to be registered. It is time to put the burden on the CHs to make decisions. I really do understand that CHs have reasons. But we, the people waiting for payment, should know those reasons. It’s really unfair to make us wait.


@Commulinks I don’t really mind the waiting for the contests to close, it’s the extending and reopening contests that bothers me.


Sometimes these situations are extremely complex; and unfortunately, we are unable to provide specifics for these delays.

There are many unique issues that can result in an extended winner selection or award distribution timeline. In some cases, it may be as serious as working with a customer who has filed a chargeback on their payment. Other times, there are internal deliberation processes that the Contest Holder must work through before a decision is made.

In all situations, our goal is to ensure that the contest award is distributed out to the creative community as soon as possible. At the same time, unless the open issues are resolve, we are unable to close out the contest.

We continue to look for more ways to make this process faster and to increase communication between Contests Holders and Creatives.


Thank you, Grant. May I suggest that even in those outlier cases, SH post a message on the contest indicating “an outstanding issue” or something?


I came up with an idea while replying to another topic.

I got to thinking about how branding agencies help people come up with names and brand ideas for their businesses and usually they do it as ‘teams’. While I don’t think that ALL contests should have an ability like this but I do think it’s another premium aspect that SH could maybe introduce as a test ability. Here’s what I’m thinking and why:

Two heads are better than one. There’s many inferences that can be made to support the idea of teamwork in a creative process – especially when thinking about important decisions that surround branding. Many of the CHs are part of team or are making joint decisions. SH also has a team of people to help make the process easier for CHs … so many aspects of SH are built upon the squad or crowd process. However, the aspect of SH that has yet to be realized is the ability to create good ideas with the help of each other. Hivemind mentality is a thing. Teamwork is a thing. And psychologically and from a demonstrable aspect of business ventures, team work can yield better results than individual results can because everyone is working off of a set parameters and building off the ideas of others.

As I said, I don’t think that all contests should allow something like this, but I think it would be a feature worth testing for use with premium and higher paid contests – meaning that CHs will pay for the ability to have this feature and the feature would mean that they will get a small group – 6 or less creatives (because 6 is the recommended number for shortlist entries and usually the amount that any creative wishes to ‘split’ an award with others feasibly) and these creatives can be random or random with insight in mind such as tierA status or whatnot. The CH pays more for the contest amount $500+ and this amount will be split between the creatives at the end as this would only be available for guaranteed contests. The creatives brought in then can have a white board or ideaboard function, a creative message tab that is viewable to the creatives and then the message tab that is viewable to the CH and creatives. The creatives can then work with each other to the descriptive brief to make suggestions of names and instead of a creative submission tab there could be a group submission tab that can be used by the group once they have come up with ideas on the creative ideaboard and messaging tabs. This allows creatives to come from different angles and propose ideas and then build off of those ideas and work together to come up with truly premium and truly quality name ideas for the CH.

Just an idea and inspired by the round tables that branding agencies have to coming up with names and other branding ideas by utilizing team thinking and team collaboration. Not sure if it is possible or even sounds interesting to anyone but I think it could offer another revenue service to CHs that may help them come up with truly great name ideas and SH could possibly test this if it is possible coding wise to be done and see if could be something that could become lucrative.


Thank you for taking the time to share this idea. While we will not be able to implement this at this time, we will keep it in mind for the future.


In general, Squadhelp is a very thought-through and constantly improving platform. There is only one thing I would like to be improved. It looks like contest holders who register domains without paying the creative are in most cases able to do so. A more thorough check up would be helpful.


@intra-extra - Thank you for this feedback. While we have put a lot of thought into our policies and procedures related to this issue, we are always open to your suggestions. You can find many past threads that further explain our approach and the conversations with the community around this issue.


I think SH should pare down the number of submissions Creatives can submit, I think 50 is an excessive and ridiculous amount from 1 person. I get it that 50 is for the higher rated creatives, but c’mon that’s overkill from a single creative.


Especially in the early access ones. The reason for early access is not to over-whelm the CH from the get-go…yet they do



A possible development request?

When we submit a name from the marketplace, the description and a mini version of it’s logo is pulled into the contest.

Thanks for considering.


Personally, I’m okay with the max limit of entries. If I ever have maxed out, it’s either because I was too lazy to remove the no thank yous over time (over several days) or because the CH is interested in hearing more ideas. Or I leave a lot of on the right tracks in, for the sake of the CH going back in later after the contest is over and upgrading them (which happens more than you’d think.) “Spraying And Praying” I think as someone coined it, has never been the case on my end, that’s just a bit aggressive for my taste Haha.
On a side note, it’s also a privilege/incentive. Something earned and to be respected.
Just my thoughts :slight_smile:


On our earnings tab, can you add the bank for which domain renewal was charged to the account. I’ve had a few renew and not sure which ones did.
Kinda like how you put the contest number when it wins or splits


PRAYING, not preying. Preying would be a little aggressive. As for respect, I respect the opinions of everyone, even when I disagree.


That’s my mistake! I couldn’t recall how it was worded- and I agree with you there :slight_smile: everyone’s thoughts are valid and valued here.


Eat Prey Love would have had a very … very different meaning, that’s for sure. :wink::wink::scream::dizzy_face:


I can’t even :joy::two_hearts: