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Hello there!
I am well aware that this is about me. The CH has privately messaged me in each scenario.
Since I am not active on the forums, I wasn’t aware that there was a rule, and I am sorry if I have broken it.
If a CH messages me, am I not allowed to reply?
Again, I am sorry if I have upset you, and those who have liked the comment.


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Again, I am sorry. I already have reached out to SH to see if I had broken any rules - in the Interest of Peace and Harmony :wink:


This is a link about Private Messages … …not directed at anyone, just for information.


Why is there even a ‘send message’ button to the CH?
We have two ways to communicate with them if they ask us a question about our entry…via the entry or in ‘my messages’.
If a CH contacts me about my entry, I usually respond back via my messages (since that’s usually the page where I’m reading it). These messages don’t show on my profile.
If someone is getting confused on how or where to respond, just do away with the Send Message to CH button (the one on the CH’s profile page)
Problem solved.


I don’t even have a “send message to CH” button- do others?


If you view a creative’s or a CH’s profile page, there is a send message button visible. At one time, there was a send message to CH button on each brief, as well. Some time back, this feature was removed, because it appeared some creatives might be gaining an unfair advantage through excessive messaging. Basically, the consensus was that any questions a creative has should be asked openly in the messaging section, so everyone has the same information.
This does not mean we are not allowed to respond to Ch’s comments on our entries, we are encouraged to interact with CHs through that channel. As long as you are not being given information the other creatives are not, you’ve done nothing wrong. And if you are given pertinent info (keywords, for example) you can always share that information in the messaging section for everyone to see. @cabotco does this often and I think it shows exceptional integrity on her part.
I think it is easy to forget how things that seem obvious to us may not be clear to newer users. Generally, that private message stat on our profiles seems to cause a lot of angst.


This topic has been rehashed before around 2 years ago LOL

What happened to this policy?


Nevermind, I misread. Ignore this and consider it withdrawn :blush:


Maybe there should be a drop down list of options for CHs to select from before a contest is launched that asks their entry rating preferences/habits upfront and posts that information in public, and allows them to change that as the contest goes along. Will they rate all the entries? Are they busy and will they skim entries without rating?

I would prefer such a feature instead of the inconsequential “Like this contest” section.


Hi @richie,

We will build a bulk upload for the Marketplace for Creative Owned domains in the future.

After I “filter by status” on and then mouseover “completeness level” it breaks the link on the popver, reads “You can improve the discovery of your domains in marketplace by following these tips”

With regard to this, can you send us some additional details via the Blue Button, so we can work on fixing the issue. Thank you.


Please note that the forum is not the appropriate place to call out any issues that one Creative may have with another Creative. Any issues that you have with another Creative’s use of the platform, whether related to Policy or not, should be addressed directly with Squadhelp via the Blue Button.

Importantly, our messaging policy does not allow any Creative to send a private message to gain information that might be helpful to other Creatives. We monitor this from time to time and take appropriate action against any Creative who is misusing the private message feature.

Also, we will be removing the private messaging count on Creative Profiles, because it does not seem to be providing actionable and helpful insights to the community at large.


Why are CHs allowed to request taglines be submitted along with name suggestions? If some creatives do fufill that request, I feel it puts unfair pressure on all of us to give away free tag lines. Shouldn’t be allowed on either side, imo.


@ALDaisy1 I would blue button the specific contests to SHAdmin. They should be two seperate contests or at least have a space for name and one for tagline. Kind of like the multiple product name contests


@LisaMac I have blue-buttoned this in the past, but haven’t seen anything change. I feel there should be an actual rule implemented.



You are absolutely correct. A Contest Holder should not be able to request that a tagline be submitted with a name. Names and Taglines are always run as two separate contests.

If you see this, please report right away using the Blue Button, and the SH team will discuss with the CH.

I have discussed with the Customer Service team your concern that you have reported such issues and no action was taken. This should not have been the case. Please continue to report these issues via the Blue Button.


I’m wondering if you guys could add or revise the second drop down box on the tagline contest to include something that suites the tagline entry.
I struggle with what to choose (categorically):for instance is it a phrase I’m submittin❔,or simply add tagline in the drop down box with tags such as-powerful,modern,funny,personal,etc.Hope I explained this with sense!!Thanks!


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will make an update to the Tagline submission box in the near future.


Maybe it’s just me- but I think it could be helpful if we could sort our entries by domain extension. Just a thought :slight_smile:


I would like it if CHs were prompted to give a reason when removing an entry from a shortlist, while the contest is still open and we are still able to submit more entries. Just a couple of words (trademark issue, too long, changing direction) would be helpful and allow us to tailor future entries to the CH’s vision.