How Would You Improve The Site?


Grant, I would like to see us push the slogan end of the business more, if you google squadhelp nothing suggests we actually do them.


I don’t know if this was suggested before, but I would really like to see “contest awarded” notifications again. If I remember correctly they were removed to avoid domain registration by “hijackers” on contest completion. Now there is other system of protection and there is no reason for us not to be able to get notification when contest is awarded.


Personally on the multiple entry ones sometimes I came up with one or two additional good ones after submitting a batch, but I could not enter them unless I came up with extra names to go with it, and in some cases they were not as on point as I would have liked. I would like the ability, to have say the original 4-5 and tack on extras should I feel, cuts down on wasting contest holders and creatives time.


I feel most frustrated by not knowing when a contest will actually end, I feel like either the contest holder should give us an idea or SH. Will it be abandoned or not? Perhaps if SH is reaching out to disappearing CH and getting a response there could be a note added by SH. We’ve reached out and were told by x, or we’ve reached out and heard nothing. in at least two cases the contest holder logged in hours after we were awarded split. I know there are flaky people out there because I can be flaky myself, and I know there are stressed out startups with a million things on their plates and things like boards ect, but it seems to me there has to be a better way perhaps a note to contest holders in the beginning? Please let our creatives know some idea of when you think a name will be picked? or thank you for holding your contest, blah blah, please remmeber contestants are waiting. Suspense is killing me…slowly.


Knowing if a CH will abandon their contest is basically impossible. There are way too many reasons to list.
I used to check to see when the last time a CH had logged into their contest to get an idea, but this too doesn’t always work. There are CH’s who don’t log in again or rate until their contest is over.
Then the big companies that have a group that has to approve or disapprove the names.
And not all do their trademark checks or audience testing within Squadhelp.
Then there are the few who have the same contest running on other naming sites simultaneously.
They find their name on one of those sites and never answer an email from SH again.
The reasons go on and on…
Squadhelp does send out emails to the CH to remind them to pick a name, more than one I do believe, but I think its asking alot for Admin to post on every contest, keeping us abreast of the CH position.
They already let us know when a contest is paused, cancelled or a fraud.
But I do understand your pain in waiting :wink:


Thank you for this suggestion. We will certainly keep it in mind :slight_smile:


Hi Lisa Gotya, I too check log ins, I get it about the team. I was thinking more of the non abandoned ones. I did know squadhelp sends emails I was thinking of some sort of polite prompt for the contest holder give us a rough guestimate without putting pressure to pick?


Thank you for this message. We will consider adding this back in the future.


We have seen a lot of concern from the community related to this issue. We have blocked the secondary submission of names into the Marketplace once they have been initially submitted by a Creatives in order to avoid any situations related to a single name being submitted by multiple Creatives. At this time, we will continue to have this rule apply to both Creative Owned and non-Creative Owned domains. This will allow us to keep the process simple and streamlined, and continue avoiding issues related to multiple Creatives submitting the same name. However, we may revisit this in the future.


HI, Everyone. I have been away for a while due to personal reasons and I am trying to reboot the correct flow of creative juices. The site looks great! I am very impressed with the changes and getting used to the things that are somewhat different from when I left almost a year ago.

If I may make a suggestion for something that is clearly evident to me today, others may now also see it, too. When I open a contest listing, it may say under Time Remaining Closed - Finalizing Winners. But I have no clue how long the contest has been closed. Would it be possible to add a date here? I know that we cannot control the wait time until a winner is announced (if a winner is announced), but having a date of contest closure somewhat answers a few questions in my mind.
Thanks to consider!


I would like to see, when we are notified that we won, our winning name, because I always have to blue button it.


@15001aliq & @Slogana - Thank you for these suggestions. We will keep them in mind as we continue to make improvements to the site.


I really like using the automatic payout scheduling feature, but is there any way you could suspend the payment scheduling on the 1st and 15th until the cha-ching is complete? Often I have a payout automatically scheduled halfway through, meaning I have to wait for two small consecutive payouts instead of just one. Seems like fixing this could save time for everyone.


@ALDaisy1 - Thank you for letting us know. We’ll look into this.


I feel like if a CH likes or loves something they shouldn’t be able to cancel their contest… Recently I have been seeing/and have participated in contests where the CH likes/love many entries and then goes and cancels it. I feel like that isn’t fair to SH or the members of SH.


If a CH is intent on canceling a contest, there is really nothing we can do about it, and they will just “NO thanks” every entry if that is what it takes. That is just what a non-guaranteed contest is like and many contestants skip those for that very reason. It is a risk vs reward sceanrio


I almost never pay attention to the non-guaranteed contests though i have won some of them (to be honest). Sometimes i play this game of a “risk vs reward” if the contest is interesting etc., but considering the large percentage of cancels in these contests, this is a hugely unproductive strategy.


Not sure if this has been posted or if there’s a bulk upload marketplace option? When submitting a name to I must reload page after every submission as the the form doesn’t clear on submission.


After I “filter by status” on and then mouseover “completeness level” it breaks the link on the popver, reads “You can improve the discovery of your domains in marketplace by following these tips


Post Deleted in the Interest of Peace and Harmony :wink: