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Yeah, Pure&Grace is mine… I bluebuttoned it 5 weeks ago… haha!


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Yeah, Pure&Grace is mine…[/quote]
Love the name, by the way! :sunglasses:


Thank you! I liked it also! I’m hoping it will be purchased off one of the many shortlists it is currently on fingers crossed


As said that we are trying to sell the name and not the logo, can a uniformity be maintained. Let the logos be created with bold, thin or cursive font (as requested while submitting the name) on a single color contrast background. Compound words could be of two colors. This I think would ease the work load of the designers. And if someone is looking for something special to be designed can be charged separately or maybe this amount can be deducted once the name is sold. And I strongly believe with others the look and feel of the name matters a lot. In this process I can help the designing team to a certain level if SH allows.


I love the name too!


@ALDaisy1 @tristine24

Thanks for the follow up on this. It is now fixed.


Not a biggie, but I thought it would be nice if we can unlist entries from our favorites list.


I see we have a choice of voices which is awesome, altough maybe too many choices, but no way to here them prior to submission which makes for a lot of back and forth on screens


poor tech team must be like what?! first they ask for female now they say it is too much and want another change…lol, we certainly do give them a run for their money. Sorry Tech team.


@Slogana I am just waiting for “record in your voice” button :slight_smile:


If the contest is NDA do the winning names get shown anymore? I miss seeing which name ended up being the winner.


@KwaziMoto They do show winning names for NDA contests…the names they are not showing right now are winning name selections that have not been purchased yet by the CH. So unfortunately we miss seeing those winning names. This was put in place to protect both the creative and CH’s as some people started registering names that were posted before the CH could get a chance to finish getting the domain.


i find this idea is great!


Magko, the message you are quoting is extremely old. The marketplace already exists and we are already able purchase domains and submit them to contests and the marketplace. The conversation you quoted was when we were asking SH to start a marketplace, long ago.


I was wondering if there were a way to clearly mark if a contest is at the naming stage or at the logo or tagline stage. I find it isn’t until I get to the bottom of the brief until I find out that they are looking for a logo. I am not sure if others find this as well. Thanks.


@ChristyMay - This is listed under the Contest Name on the Active Contest Page and each Contest Page.


ALSO you can sort by “CONTEST TYPE”


Or just hit the entry button right away and you can see what they are asking for.


thanks, I tend to go to the naming contests via the dashboard link of contests I haven’t participated in and there is no sorting option there…so I will have to take a different route.


Hi, I am not able to submit some domains that I own into the domain market place because they were submitted earlier into the market place by someone else. I think its fair that someone else can not submit the same name to the market place for SH to review and register but there should be an exception if a creative believes in the name and gets it registered because two people can not register the same name. So the owner of the name should be allowed to sell it in the market place, of course if SH finds it suitable for the market place. Please do consider my request.
Thanks a lot.