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Hi @Vivegoodkarma - Is this an issue that you’ve come across? If so, please report it using the blue button, and we’ll look into it right away.


I discovered that when deleting an entry that it will initially show the whole group disappear but you have to toggle between withdrawn entries and active entries and it will refresh from there when you go back to “ENTRIES” tab for that contest.


@Grant I am curious as to why brand new names accepted in the marketplace are being put “on sale” when they are so new that the logo has not yet been created. I would suggest that SH hold of on putting any name “on sale” until time tells us that it should be. On the same note, logos lag behind publishing of names, sometimes by a significant time. I suggest you hold off on publishing new names until logos are complete. I have also noticed that in some cases, the same logo concepts are being used on similar names. That means when a buyer searches for a particular word they are seeing very similar logo concepts. I suggest that SH limit this.
Thanks, I appreciate you.


@grant, Just wanted to add that @Commulinks makes a couple of good points, on both counts, and I share her thinking on that. While we’re on the subject “Market Place”, I have a question about names in the Market Place, How are the names on the Most Popular Page considered as most popular, by number of Shortlists or Views? The reason I ask is because I have noticed that the names at the top of the page in many cases have less “short listed” than ones further down the page. Thanks.


One issue though, if the year’s registration starts as soon as the name is accepted, it’s not really fair to exclude names from the marketplace until the logo is created. Sometimes that takes a couple weeks, which is a lot of exposure to miss. I had one name purchased before the logo was created, which could not have happened if this was implemented.


good points, Daisy. What I keep seeing is how popular new names are sometimes but no sale and I feel like because the logo is missing for so long, we miss out on sales.


I think that could also work against us. I have a very masculine name in the market place, yet the logo made is just the name written in script,
its beautiful, but it’s HOT PINK. I asked for the color to be changed and was told it would not be.
So sometimes I think people can be thrown off a good name dye to it’s logo. Just my thoughts


@Commulinks @Kral @ALDaisy1 @LisaMac

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

At this time, we cannot reveal the details of our discounting and display methodologies and algorithms, as these are a key to our competitive advantage. However, please know that we continue to analyze the data and advance our strategies based on our learnings, in order to best support the sales of names.

@Commulinks @LisaMac Regarding logos, it is always our intention to create unique and “accurate” logos. We will keep you feedback in mind as we move forward.


I have a similar logo for my name The colors do not match the name. It’s a name for a PR firm, not a baby boutique. So I don’t see a connection between the name and the logo and if I don’t, I doubt a consumer would. I also asked that the colors be changed and same answer, NO.


LOL Arnet The one I have is called Uncladd and was meant for men, hence the extra “d” to make the word LADD, but the logo is Hot Pink, so I guess the ladd goes unnoticed


I’ve seen a good amount if this type of thing. Unfortunately I feel like this can play a vital role in a potential sale. Even though a potential buyer has the option to change a logo via a contest this first impression is huge, Brulily which I think is an attractive name and the font that the branding team chose is nice and attractive as well the color palette is so blaah lol I think it takes away from the names potential. EvokeEnvy and Luxsio too I like how these were done just the look doesn’t feel like it fits the name very well. I’m envious of some of the other designs they have up though that fit so well I see alot of those it the recently sold section :wink: Wish there was a way to submit a design with a name or to suggest changes to ones that are up to be considered by the branding team…


@grant Any news on the implementation of the update of the “Names that have won a contest previously” check. Many evocative real words are caught up in this and this is a real difficulty when contests ask for one real word.


@Arnet @LisaMac @LynnParks et al

We try our best to design logos that capture the brand name. However, based on the continual feedback from the community, we will now allow you to request an update to your Marketplace logos. When requesting an update to your marketplace name’s logo, you will be asked to take on a small share of the cost of this change.

Moving forward, if you’d like to have your logo updates, please submit your request via the Blue Button: Send a 3 - 4 line brief explaining how you’d like the logo to appear, including information on desired style and colors. We will deduct $10 from your account balance (in some cases bringing your balance below 0).

Our team will develop an updated design based on your specifications, and then swap out the original logo. Please note that you will not have the ability to approve the updated logo or request additional revision.


Thank you for listening and making this change. For the most part, I like my logos. However, there are different levels of this and one level is, in my opinion, SH’s errors and we should not have to pay for them. People have already given examples of those and I have one (possibly 2) logos that fits into this category. Otherwise, it is a matter of preference sometimes and I think it is OK to ask us to chip in for those. Sometimes it is more than preference (the quality).

At minimum, on point 1 (logo is completely incorrect), please reconsider charging us for that.

I would also suggest that the team add a box for entries so we can tell you what we envision if we want to. That way moving forward if there is a total mistake and we have not communicated what we wanted then it is on us.

PS: With the lower commissions we now have, a $10 fee is a lot.


That’s a great idea, Clinks! - For example, one of my Marketplace names is a cute nickname for babies and toddlers, but the logo consists of simply the words spelled out in rather bland colors…

I would have much preferred a drawing of an adorable infant with the letters in the traditional “pink and blue” nursery-like colors. :wink:


This seems like a good solution. I think it will discourage frivolous requests for alterations. The time for a logo to be created for new listings is already frustratingly long sometimes, if SH has ton of redo requests that would cause an even longer delay. My own least favorite logo recently sold, which goes to show my vision for my names is not always the same as the customers.


@Commulinks - Thank you for the feedback.

It is important to note that branding is a subjective art. When Squadhelp does not align with your vision for a particular name, this does not mean that there is a mistake. We may simply have different visions for the name. (If we have truly made a mistake, such as a spelling error, let us know right away, and we’ll get this fix.)

We will look into adding the ability for Creatives to include logo design concepts when submitting domains for consideration. However, we will always retain the final say with regard to logo design direction, as we have guidelines we follow base on our strategies and learning.


There actually is a logo with a spelling error in the marketplace right now., in the logo it says PureAndGracve. I blue buttoned it a while back. :slight_smile:


There are soo many spelled wrong (on purpose) that it’s hard to know if they are a typo or meant that way…so I just assume it’s on purpose.


Just a suggestion…maybe the landing page could show both logos while the marketplace shows only the updated version. Just in case the old version would’ve appealed more to a potential buyer!