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Do you think explaining each submission using the comment box would help… I submit inside the box and outside the box and if they ask for an explanation provide it … But I generally try to provide some deeper thinking to my names so they understand the depth of the thought process… especially for abstract and transmutational wording… I also took Orthography back in school so it gives me a deeper origin of the word especially for Latin and Greek Origins.


Thank you Vive, I do that already.
there are some contests where I see the CHs get frustrated because they are not getting what they want and they have no idea how much we have tried. I really mean ideas that never get to the table.


I love when we get feedback it is so motivating


This is an valid analysis. I think it actually happens on both sides. As you’ve stated, sometimes CHs do not have a full understanding of the amount of time and effort involved from the Creative Community. I think this is also the case with Creatives. Even when a CH does not provide detailed reviews and feedback, they can easily spend 7+ hours on a contest reviewing submissions, researching names, discussing options with colleagues, etc.

I’ve also taken a moment to discuss your thoughts with our team. From our experience with Managed Contests, less than 1% of names come in with a detailed explanation of the thought process behind the name and how it relates to the brief. There are many Creatives who provide comments with their submissions, but these typically focus on foreign language definition, explanations of the words used in a blend, and other technical information about the name.

We believe strongly that concise and deep entry comments are extremely helpful to the naming process. I also think you’ve outlined a wonderful “template” for explaining names:

“I’ve read your brief and believe you’re looking for [Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet]. I’ve explored names that [consectetur adipiscing elit]. In the end, I believe this name will work for you because [sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua].”


Thank you Grant! What I am thinking about most is how many names and ideas and thoughts we “TRY” to sub but can’t. It shows the CH something…it’s part of the brainstorming…but they can’t see it. Then, I see them sending messages saying “We really need THIS”… and in some cases “This” is just not available or we have ideas they wouldn’t have thought of but can’t sub them. I’m thinking about capturing the whole process, not just the ones that we can sub. Sometimes CHs get stuck on an idea. I don’t even think it is possible to capture all of this but it’s something I was thinking about.


@Commulinks Check it out now they have boxes for multiple name contests. @grant thanks for making this happen.


This is great! However, there is a significant flaw. Each entry counts as one. So when you sub 5 names in one entry it counts as 5 against the number you are able to sub, which limits entries significantly based on a creative’s score. It’s rather unfair, considering that a person may otherwise get to try a lot more. This does not impact me very much because I have the ability to submit a lot of entries. But I do have a cap, and it does limit everyone. That’s too bad. CH’s lose out on some names this way.


When they rate the names it will it will allow you to delete that specific entry rather than the group… has anyone tried to fill in just one or two and submit? I have been blue buttoning this since yesterday … I was the first one to enter and there were issues from the get go but they were very quick to listen and resolve and there were some issues today that I had and some questions and again on the 4th of July they were working to respond immediately and fix
and anything in a somewhat beta mode will have some hiccups and totally understandable and if we do not report they issues they cannot fix them… and as quick as we are reporting working quickly to resolve. Obviously it will take tweaking the coding etc


I just assumed SH meant it to be that way. So hopefully my post will help if they did not mean it to be that way…


We have made several updates to the Multi-Name contest process based on your - the Creatives Communities’ - initial feedback. Thank you for your insights, and please continue to share your thoughts.


Thank you @Grant and the whole team. GREATLY appreciated!


@grant on these contests, since each “entry” counts as the number (4 or 5), it will be more important for the CHs to rate entries so people can sub more due to our entry limits. In other words, when we sub a group of 5 in one entry, it counts as 5 entries against our limits. It only increases if we get good ratings or if we can withdraw. Thank you!


If i try to withdraw one of my entries, all the group of entries becomes withdrawn. Now i have 7 entries remaining for this contest (and this number is inappropriate as it must be 4 or 8 or 12 etc)


@Vuriko if you withdraw one refresh between withdrawn entries and active entries it should show up


Oh, thank you, Vivegoodkarma!


@Grant One thing I noticed today with the multiple product name contests… if you delete one and one to enter a new name in the category it prompts you to enter all names. So if you just want to enter the one name… due to the quantity limitation is there anyway it could be bypassed. I tried it and it prompted me to fill out all the other names. Maybe we could enter a dash/star or maybe the number of the blank so it can be bypassed so we can enter the 1 entry … For example if we enter 1-5 and 2 was liked and the rest you need to delet… 1,3,4, and 5 we can re enter newly thought name under space 2 and just enter the corresponding number in the empty space so it does not count against us?


If SH just didn’t count them the same way, it wouldn’t be a problem.


@Vivegoodkarma - Submitting a subset of the total number of names in a multi-name contest should only be done if you have a group of names in which some names received high ratings but other names did not. In this case, please resubmit the replacement names with the names that already receive high ratings.

@Commulinks et al - At this time, for multi-name contests, each set of entries should count as a single submission when it comes to your contest submission limits. If there are any issues with this functionality, please report the specifics using the blue button.


If we resubmit the replacement name in the group along with a name that is already rated higher I believe it will say it has already been submitted? for example 1 bob 2 sue 3. Joe 4. Pam 5.Bill And I submit and #2 and # 5 get highly rated but 1,3 and 4, get the NT. And so we resubmit a new 1,3,4 along with the same for #2 and #5? I just want to make sure got it.


I’d like to have an option to sort contests by recently active CHs or most active CHs. Or even just displaying when they were last active on the contest tile without having to open the contest would work.