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@grant or @Darpan I know this has been brought up before but, can we clean up/out the forum. Over the last year or two, rules have been changing quickly. I’m here daily and I still get confused with all the new procedures. Imagine a new creative looking for info.
This is complicated by the fact that when you search for a topic, all old and new info is there. Never really sure which is the current thread considering there are no years along with the dates. The thread could be from two years ago and not current. Maybe if we could just add the year with the thread instead of just the month and day. Or clean slate the whole forum and start anew.
Opinions anyone?


I’ve seen topic threads with years attached to it i.e. aug '17. Please don’t start afresh, there’s history here, friendships built and ideas shared.


I’m meaning more of the rule threads, like commission, marketplace.


when you do a search… the topics have no year


I personally don’t want anything deleted. I understand your concern but this is a place for discussion, opinions, ideas, etc and keeping it up to date without conflicting info would be an ongoing issue. There is an entire section dedicated to up to date FAQs and policies on the contest side.

Plus, just because something is recently posted doesn’t mean it’s correct. There are conflicting posts about commission payouts that are all recent posts. Without Grant clarifying who knows which is correct? I wouldn’t want the job of keeping the forum clean of misinformation lol

BTW the year is shown if the last post of a thread is not in the current year. It’s under the activity column all they way to the right.


@Grant “…we do not have a mechanism to differentiate between different styles of winning names (e.g. real English words and abstract names). …”

It is surprising that SH system cannot distinguish between dictionary words and CR made-up names and misspellings, and I hope this changes. There are so many online dictionaries able to make this distinction and some are free.


This post has been deleted


A CH can already pick an additional name for just $100, right? If they can afford a large initial prize, $100 extra probably wouldn’t be prohibitive.


@Commulinks - You do have a date range filter in the My Entries page. We will also add this to the Withdrawn Entries page in the future.

@Commulinks @LauraE I’ve reported the issue with the NTY ratings to our engineering team, and this should be fixed in the near future.


The ability to submit names to the Marketplace from the Withdrawn Entries page has been added.


@Grant, no we don’t. We can input a “date from” date but not an end date. It would be better to have a range.


For some reason, when CHs post public messages, I am getting them twice by email. Can this be fixed?


@commulinks Yup, me too.


@Commulinks @ALDaisy1 YUP ME 3


Me 4. …lol…


Me 5 …:grin: lol


Unfortunately, at this time, the My Entries page has become quite complex. We are looking to simplify many our pages at this time, and we will not be able to develop such a feature without it being requested by a significant percentage of the community.


@Commulinks @ALDaisy1 @Vivegoodkarma @Marye5 @NelmaG1

This should be fixed now. If you continue to have this issue, please report it via the Blue Button.


Commulinks, thank you for the link. It reminds me of this recent post I wrote although the issues may not be at all related. Site Bugs & Issues


This isn’t really a suggestion because I don’t know how it could work, but it bothers me sometimes that Contest Holders can’t see all the ideas that we have that we couldn’t submit. I wish they knew our thought processes. I wish they knew about the names we couldn’t submit because of character limits or domains that are taken but not even being used. Sometimes I think the CHs don’t realize how much thought and time we put into generating ideas for their contests. I feel like if they knew, some would be happier and that some would actually think about directions if they knew. It’s one of the frustrations of the largely one-way process that CHs engage in with us. Just thinking out loud, I guess.

I recently and in the past have spent long periods of time trying to find a name for a CH and was never able to sub a single name because all my ideas were taken.