How Would You Improve The Site?


@Vivegoodkarma - really great post, thank you! I am frustrated by these “submit 5 names” contests because the winners don’t get the ‘win’ credit for each name… and each name is worth $100. I do not like those contests and I’ve stopped entering them because if one of your names isn’t on track, it’s impossible to have ‘win’ counted on any other name. I really wish that SH would do exactly what you are talking about. Separate entries under one… but giving a “win” if you get one out of 5. Thanks for the post.


That was my reason for posting… I entered a SH managed service contest…but COMM look at it this way… don’t shy away enter… because this helps them get feedback from the way contests are held. I got feedback based on my submissions not to resubmit certain names and it lead me to think how can we make it better for ALL INVOLVED the CH, SH managed Services and the Creative end. The only way they will know is feedback from what we put our foot in the sand with… some footprints stick and some wash away… I always try to think of ALL PARTIES SH CH and Creative when it comes to a solution … and obviously would take some time for the IT part and coding to make this happen and refine the backend submissions which I understand but this type of programming could make it more efficient and effective on all ends saving the company as a whole alot of $$ and time. The drop down selection menu can help all aspects… I am sure with all that we are suggesting SH is busy trying to evaluate things and make changes to make this ship tight sailing … and better seas and horizons ahead!!!


Hi, While entering names we often do not find the right key word or possible uses. So, can we have an additional tag ‘Other’ , where we can add our choice of key words and related possible uses. Maybe SH can in future add these keywords to the previous listing. For example we would like to come up with a name suitable for HR related activities, but there is no option in the list, then what to do with such names. Please suggest how to proceed with such names. Thanks.


@Vivegoodkarma @Commulinks

Yes. We plan to make updates to the platform for multi-name contests. It may take a bit of time, but we will definitely built out a better experience for Creatives and Contest Holder, if we continue to see a demand for this offering.


Thank you for your feedback. We are continuing to gather feedback and develop processes for best integrating aftermarket domain into our contests. Please follow the current Policy, but we will keep your feedback in mind as we continue to improve the platform.


There is an Other option under Possible Uses.


It seems many CHs are still missing the significance of saying that are open to premium domains. I’ve had two CHs this week mark a marketplace submission as “love”, then contact me later upset because the domain was too expensive. The thing is, in both cases I still would have submitted the names, and if I won I would have accepted the prize amount as payment if I had been able to, but now the CHs aren’t interested because they feel it’s a bait and switch situation.


In many cases now, we’ll get just as much (if not more) by submitting these names to contests for the prize money.

@grant, perhaps we could have a box to tick to choose whether or not to submit at the marketplace price or the prize money price.


This all sounds very confusing to me.I doubt I’ll jump on board with this.Good Luck to all who get it!


I was of the opinion that the default should be “NO” and be changed by contest holders actively if they are open to premium domains. Keep the default options simple and straightforward as possible for CHs, but enable them to use advanced features if they so choose.


@lightless I agree, I know when you mentioned it before it was said the default was yes because it was meant to increase marketplace exposure and help sell names, but it’s not working out that way, imho.


Sorry, I couldn’t find that ‘other’ option under ‘Possible uses’ , and can we mention our preferred uses there. Am I not seeing this "Other " option or is for others also. Thanks.


There is an Other option for both Primary Category and Possible Use. The lists are in alphabetical order - Other comes right after Non-Profit & Community. If you do not see this, please use the Blue Button to community with the Customer Service team, and they will help resolve this issue.


@ALDaisy1 @AbleBrands @Marye5 @lightless

Thank you for your feedback regarding premium-domain/contest integration. We will continue to hone this process based on observations from platform usage and feedback from Creatives and Contest Holders. Your input is important to us, and we will take it into consideration as we continue to hone and advance this new integration.


@grant I think I need to blue button, as still I can’t see the ’ Other 'option.


Is there a reason why the winning name from a creative is no longer shown? I wish this site would only post the creative who won the contest when the winning name is able to be seen! Like, when a contest is closed and is know in the closed column, it should have beside the word closed - see winners name to indicate if we click the link the winning name will be there for us to see. It saves time from having to click the link to discover the winning name still isn’t showing!


@KwaziMoto this is why SH stopped showing all winning names after 3 days:
Winning Name Display on Squadhelp

It’s REALLY a bummer!!!


I appreciate the new ability to view our withdrawn entries from the My Entries tab. Would it be possible to give us the ability to submit those entries for marketplace approval? As it is, we can only review them, but not classify or submit them.


I would like to be able to view my entries by date RANGE and I’d also still like to be able to sort the NTYs, which still don’t come up!


My NTY’s don’t come up either, @grant