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Im not sure about that if you entered it into a constest, got a love then bought it yourself…I think that may be against the rules


I think you can register it any time as long as it hasn’t won a contest. If you got a love it, you may want to see if it wins the contest first…but if you think it’s a good name, you may want to register it to protect it.


you would have to agree to sell it at the contest price if they wanted it though, still not sure its allowed


I’m sure @Grant will correct me if I am wrong about this but here are rules associated with names:

  • All names you submit to contests are your intellectual property, not the CH’s
  • CHs do not have the right to claim any name in a contest as theirs unless they pay the creative for it
  • SH encourages us to register our names
  • If you submit one of your registered domains to a contest, you have to turn it over to the CH who chooses it as the winner, regardless of the prize in the contest and you cannot ask for more than that.
  • Contestants can withdraw name ideas from any contest at any time, making it unavailable to be chosen

Therefore, you can register any of your names, any time you want, because they are your intellectual property and do not belong to any CH.

However, best practice would be that you would notify the CH that you registered the name (or, you can withdraw it and re-enter it as a registered domain, either way). You take a chance that the CH won’t like that and will choose a name that is not already registered. OR, you can withdraw the name and therefore take it off the table as an option for the CH to choose as the winner.

SH would most likely “discourage” you from registering a name that is in the running for a win, simply because the CH might not like that you did it and SH wouldn’t want an unhappy customer. But to my knowledge, there is no rule that says you cannot do it.

PS: I have never done this and you should Bluebutton before doing it if you have a question


In that case I think there probably should be :wink: if I was a ch I would be a bit miffed to find the person entering the name they liked had bought it themselves


By the way why do a few of the contest titles not match up with the brief.


I was just coming here to ask the same question, Johnny! It seems that CHs are using pre-made categories and they are really off-based. This is a problem because the type of contest matters (at a glance) for me, anyway, to decide if I am going to pursue it.


Honestly, Johnny, I don’t think there should be. These are our names, our intellectual property. If it became a problem for SH, I suppose… but it most likely isn’t a problem.


the main one I noticed was for cosmetics which turned out to be hair but there are quite a few others


I hope SH can fix this because it really matters. There are certain types of contests I know I don’t do well in and often skip because of the title! I can’t afford the time to open all of them and read the briefs!


@CreativeGal @CreativeJohnny @Commulinks @hollygirl

If you choose to register the domain of one of your entries that is currently submitted to a contest in active or pending-winner-selection status, you must enter that domain into your My Owned Domains (My Owned Domains policies must be followed). Most importantly, you will transfer the domain to the CH if it is selected as the winner of the contest with no additional compensation beyond the contest award amount. No selling or brokering of domains is allowed within or outside of the contest platform, if that name is submitted to a contest that is not yet closed.


I don’t know if this is possible, but maybe it is, so let me put this out there. Is there some way I can simply auto-agree to all of the NDA’s?

After a while, this box ticking gets tiresome. Maybe something like once a day or once a week, I can tick one box and agree to not mention any contest for that time period. I mean it’s not like I go around talking about contests to anyone to begin with, so agreeing to a day or a week, or even longer wouldn’t be a problem.


its a secret habit …


I would like to see SH develop a policy for repeat abandoner CHs. I feel it is unfair for CHs who repeatedly come here and abandon their contests to be able to start new contests without some kind of express warning that they must choose a winner on the next contest they start or not be able to use the site again. I feel it is unfair to contestants to continue to allow them to do this. Our time matters. Thanks for considering.


I have thought that myself. Especially if they run contests that don’t have a domain requirement.


It must be “my day” for talking about improvements. I do not know what SH can do about what I am about to say, except, perhaps, in comanaged contests, but “obscure” briefs are not conducive to creating names. Every CH needs to know that attempts to be coy do not provide inspiration. Too many CHs do this to prevent us from being boxed in, or whatever they think is a great reason. I’ll bet that obscure briefs lead to less contest happiness! I am really frustrated with this issue. With all the improvements that have happened to briefs, and ALL the messages from CHs, I feel like we are still talking around what people really want and expect. Less is not more!


I dont have a preference and then its no no no no lol


I think sometimes both contests holders and us get confused with the naming/tagline setup as to which one we are shooting for and The dropdown on catagorizing could be streamlined though it looks like you guys already worked on that a bit


@Arnet - The Non-Disclosure agreement is between a Creative and Contest Holder, and therefore must be entered into for each contest and with each Contest Holder.

@Commulinks - Regarding repeat abandoned contest, we will take your feedback into account. However, most abandoned contests occur because the Contest Holder did not find what they were looking for. Sometimes these customers choose to give Squadhelp a second chance, and we encourage that.

Regarding contest briefs, we continue to write detailed articles and revise our best practices based on what we find is working for contests that have the most successful outcomes.


could they not just pick one even if they didnt like any ? they could pick a name that inspired them, that they hadnt originally thought of