How Would You Improve The Site?


Thanks for the reply! I understand. And the volume has been fantastic.


I’ve been seeing that more often from contest holders revealing names while the contest is still open. Maybe it should be a feature that those who come up with clever names during the ongoing of the contest and the CH wants to share that direction with everyone the creative might be given a bonus or something else.


I’d be nice if I could put an entry in queue that automatically enters the contest win early access ends. I don’t get to participate much and usually never come back to enter.


true that …The volume has been fantastic this days …i get occupied even on weekends nowadays …keep it up guys @grant


the early access note on contests is a bit confusing if your rating goes up and down.I dont know if its yes you got early access or no you have to wait for early access.

I spend time thinking I got early access then find my rating dropped and I cant actually enter without using points which I dont have many of


I’ve been thinking that adding an archive tab in the "my entries "section would be useful. Reason being I have entries there that are left over from taglines, not approved for mp,etc…or even past winning names could be moved to an archived box. Thoughts?

PS: Left over =names, etc we can’t submit for sale.


I think if you have a love it among 30 others but get dropped off the shortlist and the contest becomes abandoned that all love its should split the prize


I cannot tell you how many splits I have lost out on as sometime in the process my love its became unshortlisted but still remained love its…then the contest was abandoned. I just had a contest where I was high trender the whole time with a few love its…that near the end were suddenly unshortlisted. So discouraging. Feels like you had the rug pulled out from under your feet.


When I become unshortlisted no matter the rating I just remove my entry- that may not be wise- it’s just how I handle my discouragement…I never look back.


since i only have had a handful with none panning out over the last few months, i mark them best entry hoping the ch made a mistake, kinda saying uhh my entrries still here, don’t give up on it yet (BTW that has’nt worked)


Imma rootin for ya a big turn-around seez -o- buddy- o-pal :laughing::laughing:you are an elite in my :eyes:…never ever ever give up! !!

4got to add my shortlist/ loves and likes are VERY minor compared to you and several other elites like you!


The only thing about that is I have had ratings shortlisted,then unshortlisted, than shortlisted again. So you might be cheating yourself out of a potential win if you delete a love it. Something just to think about…


I understand it isn’t wise…as I mentioned somewhat above, my high rated names just don’t cut it 99%(seems like)of the time. So when I do get bumpt off doing what I do (deleting) is the only way I can deal with it. Another reason is they never get rerated, get rejected on marketplace, some get registered (whether deleted or not) …personally I just like to get over it quickly (if I don’t see it) I don’t relive it! !


It’s a process, you rate, you shortlist, you narrow it down to a manageable number, then you decide. Some people can’t make a final decision, so they ignore the contest. Out of sight out of mind sort of thing. Time passes and they never come back. Or maybe they have a few names they really like and suddenly they get an epiphany and come up with their own unique name they like best of all. Or maybe something else, we will really never know.


Just curious, why are there social media links on NDA (non-disclosure agreement) contest? The point of the agreement is to not mention the contest, right? If so, then sharing the contest would be against the NDA.

Non disclose and social media share button

Same here, many times. I do think, though, that this happens to everyone more or less equally. It also happened before shortlisting. Loves to likes to NTYs.


I’ve often wondered about that too


@Marye5 - Thank you for your ideas regarding an archive function on the My Entries tab. We will take this into consideration.


I am not sure if this is the right thread…but I was thinking…in order to help speed up the picking a winner process for the CH, maybe we should have the right to register our name after 30 days of submitting it if a winner hasn’t been chosen in that contest (and it be communicated to the CH in the rules)? :thinking: Or is that something we already can do, and I am clueless. Hmmm.


You can register your names any time you want. You may want to withdraw it from a contest but you can register your names any time.