How Would You Improve The Site?


Major “Hurrah” and Thankyou!!! For the date selection added to the My Entries filter, a really helpful addition thank you thank you!!!


In My Entries I would very much like to have a filter by the number of letters in the name.


Well said, @hollygirl . I couldn’t agree more, but you sure have a great way of expressing it!


Aww…thanks Kral! Just trying to be a little encouraging as I know we all have our down cycles. Best of luck to everyone!


@AbleBrands @CreativeJohnny

We will look into the Preferred Type of Names and make an assessment. Thank you.


@grant, you recently mentioned that SH is working with a trademark attorney on trademark searches for some contests that use that service. It would be extremely valuable and really appreciated if we could have a forum post from the attorney on “Tips” for trademarkable names. (And pitfalls). I feel like that would help us a lot in preventing abandonment. Thanks!


is there a reason why when I delete a name its still there and can be re-instated.I think I would prefer it to disappear completely in the case of some really bad ones lol


@CreativeJohnny Some people pull names and then the CH might change the brief. They realize the name they pulled will work now based on the new brief, so the reinstate it. I never pull names that have been seen by the CH, just in case the domain is registered


Ive been pulling them all even loves if they dont win, but they seem to hang around like a bad smell


No, don’t pull names. If they are registered , you have no recourse at all. Unless your pulling them because your only allowed a certain number of entries.


Im doing it at the end of a contest unless they may be useful for something else, some are a bit specialist


I hope this wasn’t discussed/answered before…but is there any way in a SH managed contest…there can be an indication whether it is the CH or a SH person rating our entries? Because of past entries of mine in SH contests being rejected…then later loved…(which I know we have discussed before) I would like to know in managed contests who is giving me the rating. Thanks.


@Commulinks - This is an interesting thought. I’ll look into the ideas.


@CreativeJohnny - It’s fairly common for names to be reinstated by a Creative after being withdrawn. Therefore, we will probably keep this feature.


@hollygirl - We can take this into consideration. Thanks for the suggestion.


I would like to know if CHs are required to sign a confidentiality agreement before viewing submissions, just like we often are prior to viewing a contest brief… Maybe something like that would help CHs remember not to post entries publicly or register them before the creative is compensated.


@ALDaisy1 All Contest Holders have to agree to our Terms of Service which make it clear that they cannot take names from the contest. Recently, we’ve started showing a popup before a CH can see entries that clearly explains that all entries are private, that entries cannot be posed in a public forum, and if a CH does register an entry, they are required to compensate the Creative who submitted it. We will continue to look for even more ways to make this even more clear to the CH.


@Grant, what would happen if all CHs had to pay an additional deposit that they only get back if follow the rules?


That must be making a difference @grant, I don’t think I’ve seen a CH post our names for a little while now. Great job SH!


@Commulinks - We don’t believe this is practical, as it could be off-putting to Contest Holder, resulting in a much lower contest volume for everyone.