How Would You Improve The Site?


Hi @hollygirl - Thanks for the follow up. I’ve reported this to the engineering team, and we’ll work on resolving the issue.



Many, many thanks! You are probably saving me from an ulcer! Lol!


I would like to ask SH to PLEASE fix a problem. Some CHs are changing their contests from Yes domain to No domain after we have submitted tons of entries. Because of that, the domain checker button goes away after the change. Please LEAVE the domain checker button in this situation!!! Thank you!!!


@Commulinks - We’ve added this to our list. Please be patient as it may take some time to complete this update.


I soooooooooooooooooo appreciate it!!!


How about my little request of being able to filter the My Entries page by month, or even perhaps “last 60 days” as well as the 30 days, I miss so many registrations that are over the 30 days as they then get lost among them all, it’d be so helpful to just have that extra filter, please???


Find a new way to do splits as it is now its not fair at all contestants


@grant , are we allowed to change our Screen name, if not, Why? Thanks.


I like that idea, I also would like to have filters that separate the loves, likes, and OTRT


@grant Maybe a way to narrow a search by “date” on the My Earnings Activity tab in My Account section.
Example, to see only info for 2017 or 2018 etc


@LisaMac @LauraE @whiteisland

We will work on adding some additional filters to My Entries. Thank you.


A screen name can only be changed during the early stages of your account setups. If you have a strong reason for wanting to change your username, you can send a request with justification via the Blue Button, and we will review.


Anyone else having an issue with ratings not showing up on their activity page?



The Award Distribution process has been developed base on a lot of feedback from the Creative Community. We believe it is a fair and objective approach that minimizes Squadhelps role in the awarding process.

If you have any suggestions, please share them on the forum, where you peers can review and comment. We will certainly take your thoughts into consideration. However, it is important to note that we must continue to keeps Squadhelps role at a minimum.


Hi Grant, Kral had asked why we aren’t free to change our screen name and I’m curious as well. Could you answer that please? Thanks!


I haven’t had any ratings show up since earlier yesterday.I thought that was weird that no one at all would be rating…yet I know it sometimes happens. So I have had not had any new ratings either…but don’t know if it is a glitch or I just haven’t had entries rated.


Ratings have been very slow/miniscule lately but I did want to tell you guys that I have had some ratings since yesterday.


Hollygirl, it’s Saturday activity decay. There are some, not too much.


@grant I was asking about filters for the my Earnings…not entries LOL Where you can see a statement of the contests and splits, bonus in the order they were received.