How Would You Improve The Site?


Ahhh yes, there is that problem. I understand.

I’ve got over 500 now (admittedly many of those names were entered into more than one contest) but that is a lot of names to ‘ignore’ when wading through our entries.


I have a request and a problem.Problem…when I am on my tablet, the log in button for the forum is on top of the winners tab…so I cannot log into the forum to comment, as when I try to click on log in, it keeps bringing me to the winners page.

Request: Can we please have the tagline and naming contests show up together again in open contests,instead of having them separated? I have missed tons of tagline contests as I didn’t know they were separate now and you had to actually go to tagline under the contests tab to have them come up. I don’t see the need for separation,as most if not all creatives would be entering both naming and tagline contests. The only needed separation as far as I am concerned is separating logos from naming, as often those creatives doing logos are a separate bunch than the naming creatives. Thanks.


Im amazed at the low quality of a lot of the winning names, how does that happen out of so many entries


This drives me nuts! They should either filter together or we should be able to select both categories at the same time. I’m glad you said something…I’ve been meaning to bring it up.


Some other things I’ve had issues with are my messages don’t tally next to the envelope unless I’m in a contest page. I can literally toggle back and forth between contests and any other page and watch my number of messages disappear and reappear.

Another thing is having pending contests on the default search. If I were searching for contests that have ended and waiting for winner selection this is not the page I’d come to, unless I’m interested in ones I didn’t participate in…and I’m not. Please remove it from default or allow us to select permanent preferences that remain as we toggle through various pages. Hollygirl has mentioned this before and I remember having to select naming every time as well, but somewhere along the line they must have fixed that one.


@hollygirl and @Chasity2ku

I like these ideas and I agree, although I wonder how possible it is. Knowing what I know about coding, I think it may be a bit difficult to do this. People requested that there be a way to filter taglines and filter the different contest so SH implemented this. I think to get what you’re talking about of the incorporation of the taglines with the names yet allow them to be separated for those only selecting one or the other, they’d probably have to go back to what was the original format or an even different format which could lose other options and abilities that we now have. I am not sure, though, it depends on what the backend of the CSS looks like and how it is structured. I haven’t been nosy enough to look at the source code for the site but it may be possible. Heck, I may even be able to come up with a couple ways to do it, but I still err on the side that if they did implement this we may be going back to something that others had a problem with or we may lose something that more people like.

I still like the idea, though, but only if it’s possible without losing other options or making things more complicated.


Oh, wow. I didn’t know it had changed. I guess I’ve missed out on all the tagline contests since the change, then.


I don’t know anything about coding but I really just want to be able to view all contests at once while excluding ONLY contests that require graphic design. I’m scratching my head trying to figure out how that is a difficult thing to do. All the changes they make at the drop of a hat make it seem like it’d be easy. (lol…“easy”…says the girl who knows nothing about coding :wink:)


LOL coding, easy. If only that were true. I’ve spent many hours on one site pulling my hair out due to the conflicts and errors and limitations that coding can create but having a blast when you come up with the new things that can be done. I’m not saying that it would be difficult, but it may. Some of our requests sometimes just fall out of the area of capabilities for some usage. Only SH or a team person would be able to say whether this would be conceptually possible, but as a way to convey to everyone that not everything is always possible, I figured I’d bring up that sometimes things are possible, sometimes they are not. It depends on the scripting and coding that they have to work with, whether it can be changed and if it would work if they did change it, and invariably if they can do it, it may not result in the direct result you’re wishing for without possibly changing something else. Or it could all go well and not be difficult at all! Who knows. The important thing to remember is that SH does do a lot to try to meet us in the middle for all of our requests and not everything can be possible and not everything can make everyone happy. But if we keep in mind things like coding, scripts, that SH is a business, and so forth that we can use these to shape our requests for certain things, or rather the ‘necessary’ clause of them being done or how upset we get when they can’t be done. :slight_smile:


We did have this option before, to select what contests we wanted to show and what ones we did not, but then people requested for better results and better ways to classify things and such. This was the result. So it might be possible, but then would that mean we’d have to go back to what was that caused people to request this? Or would it be possible to keep what we have and add just elements back? See, things can often be a bit difficult and this isn’t even being eye-deep in coding :joy:


Haha I wasn’t saying coding is easy. Pretty much the only thing I do know about coding is its very complex and literally another language. I was saying it just seems as if it’d be a minor fix to me . Plus I’m pretty sure they did it with the naming option so I was assuming they could do it with the pending option as well.


Thanks for changing it so there is an option to choose both naming and taglines together…it is so great that you listen to our suggestions and adapt. Many thanks… You rock!


Well, ‘Pending Winner Selection’ is still perma-checked which proves they don’t listen to all suggestions. This was mentioned here Pending Winner Selction and elsewhere.


I would really like it if it was possible within the “My Entries” section to filter them by month of entry rather than 30 days or everything, I seem to miss so many registrations that happen. It’d also make it a bit more manageable to view them like that. Any chance?? :grin:


It would be great to add a trash can to the contests such as logo for those of us that don’t participate. Like on the watching contests but with automatic delete so we wouldn’t have to schroll and check- then all the way back to top to hit delete. I find the filter drop down box is a bit cumbersome (jmo)seems to take up a lot of space/time.Thank you reading and for all improvements y’all have added thus far :green_heart:


It would be nice to add a status barometer to contests… for example I am shortlisted in some contests and it is showing 2 months since the CH maybe has logged in … so the Barometer could let creatives know the status… for example is it closed and in the process of audience testing, are entries being evaluated, is it in the trademark approval phase etc. Kind of like ordering a Dominoes pizza there is a delivery status bar. It could also help for Reported domain registrations …


I agree. Especially the SHAdmin co-managed contests.


I dont know how you could improve this but after my initial enthusiasm I found that most of the contests assigned to me I had no idea of the type of name they were looking for , so I have deleted more than I have entered so far.
Wouldnt it be helpful so know the type of ending they want on a name such as Company or whatever ?


@ Grant…I don’t mean to belabor the point…but unless I missed it…I have not seen a response to my previous request to somehow change the search so that if you select a certain criteria, it will stay that way until or unless you change it, instead of constantly reverting back to the initial format. It is frustrating and time wasting for example if you want to only look at active naming and tagline contests, to have to constantly after you look at a contest, reset those parameters over and over. Please…can this be changed/fixed? Thanks!


I thought it had been fixed. I’ve noticed lately my preferences usually stay the same after selected. It occasionally reverts back to default but I haven’t quite figured out why or when it’s doing it. I think it may be when I open a fresh SH window (one not opened automatically from a previous selection on a SH page).

I stopped typing and went and tested the above by opening a new SH window, selecting my preferences (fresh window reverts to default), clicking on a contest, then clicking on “active contests” to see if my preferences stuck…and they did.

Not sure why it’s not staying selected for you??

What is everyone else experiencing? Are your preferences sticking or are you constantly re-selecting them?


Constantly re-selecting, and it’s driving me potty!