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@LauraE - If an entry is shortlisted after the contest closes, it will receive a Love It rating, and the relative points for this rating. If you are not receiving these points, please contact us directly through the Blue Button, and share the specific contests and entries in which there seems to be an issue.


Thanks @grant, I will do so!


This has been mentioned before, I think, but important enough to bring up – but I really think CHs should be more encouraged to limit shortlisted picks if they’re going to utilize that feature. Not sure what to offer as a solution, but 20-30-50 or more shortlisted entries negates everyone’s hard placed time and effort if the contest gets abandoned and basically ensures that the only hope anyone has around here of doing much of anything is winning and since there’s only one winner to a contest when it is chosen, after waiting for a bit, I can see this becoming an energy drag to people’s want for participation unless they’re the ones that win quite often.


One shortlist spot for each $10 of prize money would be awesome.


I understand your frustration, @rareworthy. I’m concerned, though, that limiting shortlisting would have unintended consequences. If a CH has to leave a name as a love without a shortlist even if they really do want to shortlist a name, then the love people (or like people) get shorted. Or the CHs could just not love or shortlist anything and we’re back to the old way. You k now what I mean? I have loves that haven’t been shortlisted (so frustrating!) and that bothers me, too!


I don’t know, two dollar or three dollar payouts is concerning as well, which is my point. SH recommends 6 entries, some can actually and have done this. A certain amount would be okay but I am finding it a little deterring that some of us don’t win often at all and now we’re down to just getting 2-5 dollar splits and it’s getting very hard to stay encouraged when you have 30+ contests approaching the abandoned time frame – got to calculate them and all 30 may end up netting you 10-15 dollars, total – together – completely.


I totally understand. I thought maybe the idea to limit shortlisting could potentially make that worse, and that is what I meant. I wish I knew the answer. I’m sorry it is so discouraging. :pensive:


When it was the top three creatives, people complained. When it was a bot pick, people complained. Now with the splits, people complained. There will probably never be a way of awarding abandoned contests that will make everyone happy. I think SHAdmin are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.
I look at it this way…when a non-guaranteed contest is cancelled, nobody gets anything.
When a guaranteed contest is cancelled and refunded to the CH, nobody gets anything.
So, what alternatives does SHAdmin have left when it comes to these contests?
I can only think of one…nobody gets anything and the money is used by SHAdmin for marketing.
Hiss Hiss Boo Boo…I know I’m ducking the tomatoes! LOL
But to me a little is better than nothing at all.


its just my idea @rareworthy , maybe we should participate more in every month, so not only join 30, 40, or 50 contests, try to increase it at least until 100 contests per month, maybe can make difference. Again it just my idea.:slight_smile:


This is a good point, FX. It does matter a lot and it also matters when you got the loves and shortlists.

I’ve found the new system is basically on par with the old system if you simply look at averages per month, which is important. I went back and calculated what I was receiving in the old system on average per month and do the same for the new system. I participate in a lot of contests and have stayed consistent with those numbers since I’ve been here. Still, others participate in a LOT more than I do and receive a lot more in splits because of that (makes sense). My average is basically the same or slightly better than the previous system per month. I rarely participate in non-guaranteed contests. (That’s just my choice in order to manage time, etc.)

However, receiving $1 on a split for example is very hard and it must be very discouraging if folks are unable to participate more. Those “payoffs” in lumps give you some mojo.


I can’t participate more, unfortunately, and that’s not the point though. That would still mean putting time and effort in to not really recoup for that. I don’t participate in non guaranteed unless I am sure I have a decent chance if they do decide to award, and even then I will only do one or two and done. I’m not here to gripe, I swear. I understand why things are the way they are, I just think they can be a bit better fine-tuned and it was just an idea. An idea based on the fact that a lot of us are only clinging here based on certain things. And with the things have been recently, for some, it doesn’t balance out. Sure, that may mean we lose some and they’ll be replaced but whatever the outcome, it could be a little bit better. If SH suggests 6 names, why can’t 12 at most more heavily be encouraged beyond that? CHs can print entries, and utilize ratings and everything else but a shortlist is thus name to be another tool. A short list. I can’t ever see how 25 or more would help make things easier on the ch and make things fair for us as well. The shortlist, in my understanding, was meant to do both of those things. Make things easier for the CH and make things more fair for us in a way, so the use of it now in some contests is nulling its conceptualization.

Again it was just a question/suggestion and whatever happens is what happens. It’s just there may be a way to have a better outcome for things, so that was the reason for mentioning it. If it can’t be done or shouldn’t then that’s it. But I saw a way it may be better for CHs choices to ultimately be easier and a way for us to benefit better if they do abandon, so I thought to say something, that is all. Because in my opinion, narrowing choices down to a smaller amount is beneficial when making a decision, not only that but SH does offer testing and to my understanding it’s for a certain amount anyhow. So there is many benefits, possibly, to this idea.


i am soo agreed with this, i joined just around 80 contests and without any win last month, split also only $15. I think i agreed with @rareworthy to put limitation for shortlist :blush:.


Has anyone else noticed the briefs are not placing words correctly? For example, it might cut off a word like thi
s. Instead of bringing the entire word to the next line it just cuts it o

Or is it just something I’m seeing?

Edit: @grant could you please look into this. Thanks :slight_smile:


I’d like it if a new window wasn’t opened every time I click on a contest linked to a rating in the activity feed. This results in me having a ridiculous amount of SH tabs open in a short amount of time without even realizing its happened. Don’t know when or why it changed but this didn’t use to be an issue.


I can agree with this, if we want to open it in another tab we can right click and do it manually,


@grant…my bad for just now seeing this response to @LauraE…I had a like that was shortlisted, then unshortlisted. I wish I had reviewed this earlier bc I have since deleted the liked entry (the rating didn’t change) out of frustration I removed my entry b4 it became an orange face.Will use your comment for future reference😃


I would like to have a way to delete entries from our entries page. I’ve had a couple that have been registered by someone else (not pointing fingers, could have been anyone) and I really don’t want to look at that red “url not available” cross anymore. I understand some creatives might want to keep a complete entry list no matter what, but I would at least like to hide entries that really just bring me down (each a lost opportunity and all that.)


@ALDaisy1 - you can use the “Domain Availability” drop down and choose “YES” so only the available ones show


You can use the domain availability drop down menu to filter out taken domains.

Hope this helps.

Edited to add: thanks @jackieheraty, you beat me to it! :slight_smile:


@jackieheraty @AbleBrands Thanks guys. :slight_smile: The only thing is, doing that also hides my entries that are approved for Instant Domains. But I do appreciate the advice.