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Would it be possible to put links to contests in notifications when a bonus is sent to us for a name? We get notiifications on the site but they don’t include a contest link. (We do get the link by email, I am talking about the bell notifications). Thanks!


I know I asked before…but can you please please please not lump the pending contests with the active ones when you want to search? I don’t want to have to repeatedly delete pending contests every time I want to look at the active ones. You can tick the button if you want to see pending contests…so please don’t make it so they automatically come up with the active contests.Oh,and along with that…if you are looking at the closed contests for example,if you click on a closed contest…then when you go back it reverts to active, pending, and closed, so you have to keep ticking the closed box and closing the other two boxes to look at the closed contests. Can you please make it so it stays in whatever you are looking at until you change the parameters,please? Otherwise it is such a pain to have to keep deleting out the other categories you don’t want to see each time.Thanks!


While I appreciate the reasons for no thank yous, it is a lot frustrating when the reason doesn’t jive with the entey, example made up name that doesn’t exist and doesn’t resemble another company I get NTY poss conflict…I also got, doesnt follow cotest brief when tge brief has no limitations anyone experiencing a rash of these recently


So many times, so many, same thing over and over. Same here. I feel you, Seez.


Can’t ask for clarification either as it’s seen as challenging the rating, we’ll anyhow it’s just good to be back and have the opportunity to make some moolah


See, I don’t understand that. In brainstorming sessions in the industry, when you are told maybe or no, asking for clarification grows feedback – it enables new direction and being able to find the perfect idea all while being polite and showing that you’re going the extra mile for the customer/client. If we’re not allowed to ask, and we’re not allowed to engage back and forth, we’re truly doing a disservice. Feedback is meant as feedback. It cannot be so simple and halting as it has become. Engaging in brainstorming and back and forth discussion should not be seen as ‘challenging a rating’. On the other hand ‘I don’t agree with you giving me a nty’, ‘this entry is better than you think’, and any other passive aggressive or even aggressive response IS challenging a rating. At least in my mind. But, I know we’re not allowed to do this, I’m just saying what I’ve thought all this time and given I’ve been part of brainstorming sessions, I have to stop myself SO MANY TIMES from wanting to reply to the CH and garnering at least a bit more explicit feedback and personal feedback so I can determine a new diection so the have to sit for a few hours racking my brain deciding if it’s worth asking a directional question in the message center – and if so, what that would be without seeming challenging, and making it beneficial for all. So much work and usually not worth it for the time and with the factor it probably wouldn’t be specific enough to help, may never get answered, and many other factors. I just want the CH to benefit from my engagement as much as I can from theirs, but it’s a bit hard with how things are, especially since engagement is a two-way street.

Edit: Honestly the NTYs are hard with some of the responses, I agree, but the ones that are the hardest are the otrt ones, where that should be prime opportunity to engage on both ends. An otrt is not a no, afterall, and the CH is trying to say that they like the track you’ve hit and you’re getting there. But okay, how? What about it is on the right track? What ddo you like about it, what don’t you like about it? This should be included as feedback, and if it’s not, we can’t ask. So many times do we get otrt and that’s it. What can we do? How do we take that otrt and have better chance of next entries being possibly what the CH is looking for without spamming, without trying a dozen more suggestions just because we have no idea what part of it they liked and what they didn’t like, etc. It’s confusing sometimes.


maybe just giving the CH options for a positive along with the main reason, like they could have an option Right Concept, Just not a Good Fit, Or love the style but ther could be a poss conflict…etc…So the Ch can now Have a few check box options a few in red not a good fit etc… as well as some Green check boxes, Like The Style But… Sounds nice(positive) but difficult to spell(reason) That way it could give us a tad more direction then if just a NTY or a NTY and neg feedback they like nothing of it

Ideas for Brainstorming, Feedback, Engagement & Connection

So funny you should mention this today, @seezall! I was going to post something similar but hadn’t had the chance. I’ve had shorlisted loves turn into no thank yous with a “not a good fit for us”… and I don’t understand that. I understand potential conflict, but not this. How can an entry be a shortlisted love for days and then a “not a good fit”…???

I’ve also gotten doesn’t follow the brief and racked my brain trying to figure out what about that name didn’t follow the brief?


This is a good idea and this reminds me of what I wanted to do. I wanted to start a new discussion about how we can take the limited feedback and turn it into positives for the CHs and creatives both. Since this whole system was devised because CHs are feel daunted by having so many entries and replying to each one would be cumbersome. Yet many of us are still having trouble making connections sometimes and feeling engaged. So I wanted to ask everyone ideas of other instant feedback selections everyone could come up with that would help us brainstorm better, or any other ideas anyone may be able to think of that would help both creatives and CHs along this line of feedback and brainstorming and ways to connect with the CHs.

Wow Clinks, great minds think alike. :upside_down:


I like the idea of starting a string on your idea, @rareworthy. Here’s an example… say you sub a compound and you get an OTRT. I LOVE it when a CH says…I like word one but not word two. Can you give me more with word one?


Topic started HERE for anyone interested in jumping in.


I would like to recommend that SH continue to improve contest briefs by asking if a .com is a REQUIREMENT when a CH posts a contest with .com plus other variations. I am frustrated and tired of rejections because the CH did not say they required a .com of an impossible name that is available in other variations.


Also, on briefs for taglines, could SH change the “Names we like” section to “Taglines we like”???


@Darpan @grant

Would it be possible to change the 30 day “report domain registration” to 30 days after the winner has been chosen instead of 30 days after the contest has closed. If a contest is awarded by SH then that’s it, immediate closure.

I’ve got 15 closed contests over a month old where no winner has been chosen and where my domains are being registered and at the moment I can’t report them.

Many thanks.


@AbleBrands for contests over 30 days, you can copy and paste the “whois” info into the blue chat button and report it that way. The last 50+ domains that Ive had registered have all been done anonymously. None of the CH said they registered it, so no compensation. I don’t really report them unless there is some owner/registrant info at WHOis.


Able, even though we can still report them after the 30 days using the blue button, the downside of that is that the black flag doesn’t appear to show us that we reported those. I find myself going back over and over because I think I found a new registration. It’s a waste of my time. I would much rather be able to use the report link. Right now, I have to remember to click the heart on my entry to remember that I checked that out already. But with so many, it’s hard to keep up.


@AbleBrands @LisaMac @Commulinks

We are working on making some updates to the Domain Registration Report process based upon the feedback from creatives and contest holders. We will announce these updates in the near future.


Thank you @grant It’s always appreciated that you take the time to listen to our feedback.


Super great! Thank you so much!


This has been addressed here before, but I like to bring it up again; Please allow points to be given when a name is shortlisted after the contest is over!!!