How Would You Improve The Site?


Yes! And I’m a she! : ) I’m talking about the 10% that’s automatically taken after a win! I don’t pay any paypal fees either, I don’t think anyone does. But since I’m from Canada it takes a day and a half to arrive in my bank account. I wish we had the 30 minute option but I think it’s only for Americans.


I think SH should go back to distributing winnings however small they are as soon as possible. It’s ridiculous to have $10 sitting in one’s account til whenever shortlist awards come your way to make $25. And with the high number amount of shortlisting names, the winnings will ‘trickle in’ not lump in. They are winnings and thus should be made available. Sorry if I sound cranky. Just frustrated.


Many contests are still coming up with gibberish in the brief like amp&amp&amp etc…which make it really hard to read and make sense of the briefs. Can this be corrected, please?


I would like to see Squad help tell the day they’ll be handing out money for split winners. This could be a process that’s more predictable compared to planning around when you think a CH will pick a winner. I hope it will always be done 15th of the month and 1st like this up coming Wednesday!


So not the first but at the end of the month which is almost there. So maybe it’ll happen tomorrow or the first or something along that line.


@grant @Darpan Can we perhaps finally get a way to add entries to our entries page when CHs don’t rate the entries. It’s so hard keeping lists of really good entries/domains/taglines that we like that aren’t added to ‘entries’ page because the CH simply does not rate them. Or is this already done and I’m missing it? If it is done and I am missing it, could I suggest that we add another search feature to the entries that allows you to sort your entries by ratings (i.e. Love, Like, Ontherighttrack, nothankyou – as I know you can sort by ones that ch has favorited or you personally have)? That would be so helpful because the pages for all of us are getting so long and even if we go through ‘heart’ ‘favoriting’ all our personal favorites, it will take so long to find them to do such. Also can we please, as suggested before, have a way to edit/add to the instant entry selections? Please help us with this?


@rareworthy I sure that the entries page lists them at the bottom. If you don’t set filters they start with loves and I believe they descend to the non-rated ones.


Thank you for clarifying. If that’s the case, we need to have a way to better filter them. Plus I think they don’t add ones that we withdrawal from contests so it would be nice to be able to withdrawal an entry but maybe keep it for another.


I suggested it about a year ago, as I too see the value in being able to just look at like it’s, or unrated entries, etc…without having to scroll thru everything.Especially the longer you are here…the list can be very lengthy.I also wish that love it ratings would stay in your love it entries, even if the CH later demotes them.It would be nice to have entries keep their highest rating,as it makes it easier to find them and reuse.


Goodbye all. .I am leaving the platform for good. Reasons I can not state publicly. Yall are a wonderful group of folks. I will miss yas and wish you guys much success and happiness.


@Marye5, don’t go!!! I know it’s been rough for you but you are valued creative here!


Yes…we will miss you! Hopefully you can just take a sabbatical of sorts,and reconsider in the future. Whatever the eventual outcome,May God bless you and may your life travel in fulfilling and happy paths! Hugs and best wishes always…


@Marye5 No … please don’t leave. You’re such a sweet, inspiring person. Yes, things are tough, but I know you can get through whatever may be going on if it is something here. I hope things can get better, and you can maybe just take a break and come back to us. I’ll miss you for sure, a lot. Many hugs and much love. Wish there were more we could do. :cry::purple_heart:


[quote=“Marye5, post:993, topic:1179”]
Goodbye all. .I am leaving the platform for good.[/quote]
Sorry to see you go, Honey - Maybe just take a break? :confused:


I took a break for quite some time and found my way back. I hope you will find your way back, too, @Marye5.


I’m sure nobody wants to see you go. I don’t know what to say to convince you as I don’t know what happened to make you want to leave. All I can say is I hope you’re just speaking out of temporary frustration and once some time has passed you’ll change your mind. Just know that you are part of the SH family and we’ll be here waiting for you if you decide to come back. I wish you much good fortune and happiness whatever you decide to do. :slight_smile:


I love you guys and YOUR deep rooted support.The reason I was leaving the platform as been fixed THANK GOODNESS!!! Happy to say I’m back and happier to say it wasn’t anything to do with frustration or anything like that sweet sweet(((hugs)))for each and all​:heart::heart::heart:


YAY! Welcome back! Glad everything worked out, and glad to have you back!


@Marye5!! I’m so happy you’re back!! You are cherished here!


I had a feeling you’d come back to us :wink: :wink: I’m glad everything worked out for you.