How Would You Improve The Site?


Wow @SquadhelpAdmin that was fast. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


@grant…something is wrong with emails. I am not getting my emails saying “Congratulations, you’ve just won a contest on SH”…I checked to make sure my settings are the same, and they are. I would love to have this fixed. (wink…just saying I haven’t seen one in quite a while)


Ha! I hear you sister! I was saying that for a long time myself! lol!


Ch’s should only be able to shortlist after the contest is closed. Also, how about enforcing the minimum of 6? It’s so bizarre when the CH has like 50 love it’s and 40 shorlisted. I don’t mind the high number in Love it’s but short list should be kept to 6.


Please please please…fix the sorting so that it stays on what you are looking at…and don’t have to keep reentering it. I was trying to look at closed contests…but every time I looked at one and toggled back…it added in active and pending contests…so I would have to untick them over and over to only get the closed contests. It does it when you are trying to just look at active contests too…it keeps adding in pending contests. It is much easier when you can select just what you want to look at without the other categories being arbitrarily added in, and having to be removed every time you look at something . thanks!


For all those wishing to avoid this, like @hollygirl, until it is fixed I can suggest that if you’re on a pc to make the search suggestions you wish and instead of clicking on a contest to open it up, right click on it and select ‘open in new tab’. This way your search stays open in one tab and you can navigate to individual contests or links and then once done just close that tab and go back to the tab that has all the search criteria you have entered. A little bit more of a nuisance, but a temporary workaround for now. Hope this helps.


how would I improve the site - I would stop taking so much notice of the couple of people who think that the site should be totally geared to what they want .Squadhelp takes far too much notice of three people I would say :wink:


I would tell CH if they pick a name in under 2 weeks they get a small refund to incentivize them to pick a name! If they have added on services like trademark search, audience testing, I wish SH would indicate this for creatives so we know the person is planning on picking a name. I have so many competitions pending that I’m shortlisted in, yet I have no idea if the CH is planning on eventually picking a name. The wait time for creatives can be excruciatingly long! There’s been a competition that’s been more than 50 days!!


Great suggestion. Tbh, the wait time is pushing me away from the site. It’s almost absurdly long.

I read some critiques on here and I think, wow, that’s particular. I’m not sure I would ever need to be that selective about a site that orchestrates a way for me to make money from bed. That said, I think the site is better for the feedback.

…But the wait times are not sexy. it’s


Is there no longer a way to search for contests by name? I wanted to look up a past contest…but can’t find a search bar anymore…


[quote=“ScoutFinch, post:950, topic:1179”]
But the wait times are not sexy. it’s[/quote]
LOL!!! - Or maybe #UnSexyWaitTimes :grinning:


Nope, it’s gone (…)


I know, it’s gone…that sucks…I used to use it a few times per quarter


I wish Squadhelp would place a limit on the number of entries that can be shortlisted, and make that number reflect the prize amount offered. For instance, for a $100 prize there would be 10 shortlist spots, for a $150 contest there would be 15 shortlist spots…and so on. Once this number was reached, the CH would have to eliminate an entry before adding another one. I feel this would greatly increase the likelihood that an actual winner would be chosen (since CHs would be forced to narrow their favorites to a workable number) and it would be a huge encouragement to know splits would be a predictable amount. It is just so hard to stay positive about contests where there are dozens and dozens of shortlisted entries, especially when you see them lingering with no sign of a winner being chosen. I understand that it is hard for a CH to choose one winner, but allowing these extensive shortlists surely makes it even more difficult? Not to mention tying up good entries that cannot be entered into other contests for weeks, only to end up with two or three dollars for your trouble. (And before anyone starts listing how much they love the new split system, please understand I am not speaking against it, but in my personal opinion it could benefit from further examination).


I think that is the hardest part about it,is tying up your name for a long time when it is shortlisted in a closed contest that is languishing.I actually had a name I submitted in two contests because it was a good fit for each.It ended up being shortlisted in a contest that was pending …but I thought it had a better chance in the other contest it also got a high rating in…so I took the change to withdraw it from the first contest, knowing I might be doing myself out of a potential win there,or a split of a few bucks. Luckily…it was the name that won the $500 contest,so I made the right choice. But it’s hard to have to make that decision because a contest has eleventy hundred shortlisted names and is closed and not choosing anything…to decide to withdraw and put it in a current contest.


#exactly! lol! (202020)


Could SH put back the tagline filter, please?


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The payouts for prizes that have no markings or the marks that are all low. Instead of 4 people who have had 5 love it’s the past month, how about making the system completely transparent. My idea is if a creative is in a contest and receives 3 love it’s have it count as simply one. When two weeks are up allow all contestants to see how many love it’s all of us got for the past two weeks Like creative A had 14 competitions were she was loved, Creative B had 6 contests were he was loved and so on. Then create a pie chart and determine the percentage for each creative with love it’s during those two weeks. So that when SH calculates all the abandoned contests it tells us the exact cash amount then divide it amongst the pie chart. Not only is this fair but it would motivate me to do more competitions and it could then be a friendly competition amongst creatives. It would be a clever way for SH to keep people motivated while we wait for other CH’s to pick a winner in contests we’ve been shortlisted on.