How Would You Improve The Site?


###Suggestion: Submission Entries

These suggestions have to do with the entry DESCRIPTIONS It is important to note that these suggestions are open for interpretation as well as commentary, but I feel would make things a lot easier on creatives (especially) but help CHs as well in the scheme of things.

  1. I think it would be beneficial if entry descriptions were formatted similarly to posts on the forum – what I mean is there should be format options for entries - bold, italic, quote, link, insert picture, and add lists – these options would greatly help us with writing descriptions and making them look nice, well put together, and enable us to share our thoughts more clearly and concisely for CHs to be able to read more fluidly and understand our thoughts better.

  2. Entry descriptions also need to be able to enter a line break/paragraph break. So many times I have tried to separate paragraphs only for the entry to submit and my comment to be one big blob of text which not only looks unprofessional, creates potential stigma and deters possible reading by the CH, but also makes it difficult to read fluidly.

  3. Can the description box be maybe 5-10px bigger horizontally? The text area that we have now is compact in that slide in window and it may be good for generalized comments/descriptions, but a slight bit bigger couldn’t hurt. – This one, in note, isn’t as important but just a suggestion.

There are many reasons for these suggestions, and while they primarily benefit the creatives – the readability and options available with these implementations would enhance the level of service that the CH receives from creatives. Being able to make entries look uniform, well edited, and allow for links to inspirations, quotes to meanings, and images for #inspo (otherwise known as inspiration in the social media and smm community) can show brand appeal and what creatives are imagining/feeling/have in mind for their entries and help CHs to envision such as well. Readability and ways to detract chances of CHs seeing unedited blobs of text that are more than a couple sentences long and deciding to ignore them instead of hassling to read them (#tldr – too long didn’t read) is important for not only the CH to find what they are looking for but for creatives to feel they have explained themselves to the best of their ability and can generate better success, in my opinion.

Again, these are just ideas and suggestions and just one major thing I would utilize to improve the site. People may feel differently, however, and I respect that. I also love all the updates that have come to pass lately. There may be some glitches and confusion and ‘hiccups’ but that’s always a part of growth and evolution and making something that is great even better.


I’ve noticed that when we enter a “single” comment under an entry, that we cannot edit that one. But we can edit those that follow. Can this be fixed?


I’d like to be able to search by style of name such as intriguing, abstract, playful, etc on the my entries page.


Would it be possible for SH to send creatives a notification when the CH of our winning names has posted a testimonial? I was just looking through the testimonials and saw one of mine and it really made me happy!!!


I didn’t even know there were testimonials!


@geniuswaitress Check out the landing page under the help tab.


Here they are @geniuswaitress! It really gives a boost to read them!!!



It may be more beneficial if the testimonials were arranged in descending date order. At first, I thought they were, but then I noticed they seemed to be in some sort of random order. Maybe they are in the order in which the contest holder submitted them, I don’t really know.


@Commulinks - It’s a great idea. We will probably not be able to look into a feature like this for some time. But we’ll keep it on our radar.


@Grant, would it be possible for us to receive a notification when the of the bi-monthly splits have been completed? Even an on-going forum post would be great! The reason I’m asking is because it can impact when we withdraw from our accounts due to the $25 minimum and because we already know they are done around the 1st and around the 15th but we can’t tell for 3 days that they’ve happened already. Thank you!!!


It would be awesome if CHs received some type of incentive from SH for making decisions on their contests before 30 days are up. I’m finding the wait times seem to have become longer and longer and longer… I could be imagining that but I know by my watchlist. Thanks.


No, you aren’t imagining it. The wait time is excruciating (being dramatic, only sort of). : )


@Grant @Darpan , regarding instant domains and your rejection factors – could it be suggested for us that reuse domain names for certain contests that if a name frequently gets high ratings in most of the contests it’s entered in (likes and loves) and yet is never picked, can that maybe lean the decision to a yes? The reason I ask is that I submitted a name several times, and each time got rejected for it. It was only five letters, and an expert appraisal told me the name would be worth 4000-5000$ and heavily fought for given certain factors. Odd since I didn’t meet the factors of SH. Then only to find that the name was bought and registered, probably for only 12$ or whatever, and SH and myself could have made money off of that – if only it had been accepted (as I don’t have money to even buy one domain name). This name got all likes and loves in every single contest I ever entered it into and was even shortlisted several times. Now it’s gone. So why can’t that be a swaying factor? (Not that I’ll probably ever have a name like that again, but still)


@Grant Would it be possible to include a way to search for a contest by contest number on the active contest page? One reason I ask is for keeping track of contests for myself but also when receiving e-mails about contest extensions only the contest number and name is included but no link. It would be very helpful to be able to enter this number somewhere on the active contest page and have it come up. Thanks.


We don’t have this ability right now, but it’s a good idea. We will keep this in mind as we continue to work on ID.


I wish SH would tell us on pending contests if the delay in picking a name is because there is audience testing or searching through a trade mark. That way we know the CH is still interested in picking a winner!


I’ve noticed lately that I’ll have a ton of SH tabs open, unintentionally. It used to stay in the same window when I’d tap on certain things such as a contest when looking at ratings but somewhere along the line (very recently) it opens a new window just about everytime I tap on something, resulting in several windows being open at a time, and they accumulate fast.


I have the same issues.Really buggs me bc uses more data and battery when it’s these actions take place.I’ve always thought it was my devices/internet misbehaving.I still don’t know why it taps the way it does when clicking on different features? It’s an open-close process.


I don’t like the contest # being the first thing I read and so prominent. It’s a useful tool but nothing to draw me into a contest. It should be at the end and in a “softer” font, maybe even put it near the CH name and star rating.


@Grant, I have an idea that may help CHs to come back to their contests and choose winners more efficiently/quickly. The idea is to add a “check-in” button to the contest. Any time a creative goes to that contest page (after it closes), he/she would hit the button to show they have been there, checking the status of the contest. The names of the contestants who checked in probably wouldn’t be shown. But the CH would receive email messages say once a week telling them how many contestants checked in to see if they have chosen a winner or not. It’s a little “peer pressure” idea to let CHs know that we do this and we are awaiting their decision. Once a winner is chosen, the button would disappear.