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@RachelSH…there is an issue when I tried to enter a name, then the pop up comes and says “name won in previous contest but you can still submit if you let them know”…so I entered it, then it goes through, but then shows domain already taken. Why does it go through if domain is taken? It should be like other ones where domain is not available, it won’t accept it, but this is accepting. Does this make sense?


@jackieheraty Thank you for the heads up, I will have our team look into this.



I know that I check in with SH pretty regularly on contests that have been pending over the 30 day limit (I like to know if the CH is still actively deciding).

I’m not sure if I am the only one but I was wondering if there is a way to update the contest comment section if there are changes such as the CH is still checking trademarks or if there has been no response etc… That way all of the Creatives know where the contest stands and will save SH the time of individual follow-ups. Thanks for reading!


There have been a few contests with name and tag line–Do we do both, or are they supposed to be separate contests?


I feel that CHs should not be able to be bashing everyone in the comments section for not being able to come up with names they like. I feel like recently CHs have been disrespectful towards us, especially when they are asking for a ‘miracle’ name. I’m ok with constructive criticism, but some are being too much. We have to watch very closely what we can say to the CHs and I think that should go both ways.


While I don’t want even the most demanding contest Holders to feel unwelcome or offended in any way, I do wish the more demanding and critical of them were more aware of our limitations and how due to the inherent nature and limitations of the crowdsourcing model, we won’t be rewarded for most of the work that we do.

I could brainstorm a single contest for hours while being an expert on the subject matter, come up with excellent names and still not win that contest. So to be practical, I have to make some less than optimal choices. I have to limit how much time, energy and effort I put into a single contest. I may have to come up with a wide range of names very quickly; even some random seeming ones (Based on my expertise, database of names accumulated over the years, intuition and past experiences) to test the waters and find out what type of names the contest holder likes. Add to this things like .com availability and a plethora of other complications.

So if my work or approach seems less than optimal, this doesn’t mean I am being lazy, not putting any effort or thought into a contest or just throwing things out there; just the nature of the beast.


Hello, I noticed on the active contest naming page…when we sort the contests by award amount …it lists contests that have already closed and we have to scroll through all the closed contested to get to the ones that are available. Would it be possible to change this so it just shows current open contests?? Unless there is a reason for this I am not aware of.

Thank you


@ChristyMay There should be five sorters. I’m on my desktop, may be different on the phone
Filter Results: choose industry and contest type
By Status: active, close, pending, cancelled
By Award Type: Guaranteed or not guaranteed
By Award Amount: 0-100, 100-200, 200-300 and $300 +
Other Options: assigned to me, participated in by me, not participated in by me, invite only contest, reported domains


Hi @acaso714 that is a great suggestion, we have been working on was to improve the time in between when a contest closes and when a winner is selected. I hope to have more details on this for you soon.


Thank you LisaMac, I have the same on my computer but when I sort by award amount it includes contests that have already closed while the other filters don’t do that. I was wondering if there is a reason for it or if it is something that can be fixed ?


Just checkmark the “active” contests and then choose “$300 contest” or choose “$200” etc…
Or just sort by award amount AND click “Active” it works for me


@ChristyMay…You should be able to set each sorter.


Thanks Jackie and Lisa for your help, I think it is my computer acting up…will try resetting some things and hopefully that will help :slight_smile:


I would like to suggest a change in policy/procedure on CHs registering domains before a contest is over. SH has done a really great job of giving us the ability to know easily when a domain has been registered. You’ve taken that on and I appreciate that. But I was thinking that the onus is always on creatives and SH.

What if… the CH was required to report that they registered a domain (before a winner is chosen) and when they do, they report their intentions such as (choose the intention that best describes your reason for registering):
-This is the winning name (and in this case,the contest is closed and the winner declared immediately)
-I will most likely choose this name as the winner but I am waiting for other entries to be sure
-I plan to choose several names

I am subbing this idea because I feel that SH and contestants keep having to be responsible for their actions and less so the CH. I feel that some contests sit for such a long time when the CH has gone off and thinks that because they registered the domain, it’s all over… except it isn’t when there’s more than one love in a contest. I have one that has been sitting for 3 months and I don’t know for certain what happened, to be sure, but if the CH registered my domain, I’m just left sitting here. Most of the time, the CH does come back and choose the winner, but not always. If they did not register the domain, then it would be nice to know what they plan to do next or if that was the name they wanted and it got registered somewhere else in the wide world, maybe they should be able to reopen the contest.

At any rate, I would really love to see the CHs have some responsibility in these cases to report to you and to close the contest and declare the winner if that’s the name they love. Then, of course, compensate for all registered names.

I realize this has to be done with finesse so as not to make them feel bad but I know SH is good at that.
Thanks for considering.


I would like for them NOT to be able to close a contest and choose a winner when they haven’t responded to the domain registrations already in question. Whether the contest is still open, or pending winner selection, they should not be able to choose the winner without first responding to the open issues first. It is very frustrating to report a registration while it’s in “pending” and you get no answer at all, yet a winner then gets chosen. That means there is communication between them and SH, yet they are not following through. Can’t you say, “Before we can award your selected name, can you please respond to the open inquiry about name ‘such and such’ that is still open.”


I don’t know if my foIlowing idea was written before but I think there would be so few abandoned contests if @SquadhelpAdmin would increase the price of the already existing packages for Chs and give the difference back when they choose a winner. For example: a package worth 400$ now be transformed in a 500$ package… and the difference of 100$ be returned for sure when choosing a winner.


I would like to ask SH to add the date and time a CH last logged in to the snippet we can see on a contest under the CH name maybe. I put contests on my watchlist and I like to look to see when the CH last logged in. Which brings me to my second request. Whenever you click on a contest on your watchlist and finish looking at it, you have to go all the way back to My Account, Watchlist and load the whole thing all over again. It makes it really hard and time consuming to go through a list. It would be really helpful if we could stay on the watchlist list and not have to reload it.


I agree with your second request totally and would like to further request a multi-select delete option for the watch list.When I delete a contest on that page it reverts back to active contest causing me to have to click watch list again.Also this is in no relation but…what happen with a recent contest awarding 1000+? I’v been trying for sometime to locate and check the status.I,m not sure the name of it and it could be on the nda? So if you respond PLEASE be sure NOT to disclose details on forum.It’s DRIVVVVING me NUTTTS that I can’t find it!!!Thanks in advance!


@Marye5 That contest was canceled. It was a non-guaranteed contest. :frowning:

I also forgot to mention about the watchlist that I still wish we could take contests OFF the watchlist by clicking on the heart the same way we put it on. Instead, we have to delete them.


I must have overlooked it in the canceled contest list. Thanks for letting me know. Also like your idea of being able to delete "in watch list "via the :blue_heart: