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:frowning: normally i would be excited about a win. however, this was one of the contests where the domain checker system was super wonky. i entered a domain that was actually taken - i didn’t know until several days later when the system was fixed. this makes me feel really negative about my win, like I obviously do not deserve it. I hope the CH just liked the name and will be happy to use it as an APP name or with .io, .co or something that works. worst win ever!


I had a couple on this one, too. So does that mean mine were already registered when I subbed, them, too?


I would check to get a full history on the domains you entered. The SH domain checker has been having issues. It is CH who informed me the domain was already registered. Lucky they did their due diligence.


Domain checker is the very Core on Squadhelp, no more errors will be better


I know that we cant enter names mentioned in the brief by the contest holders.I wonder if we could extend this to include words that a contest holder specifically asked us not to use.


The problem I have with that is that CHs provide updates periodically and add words not to be used. I rarely remove my entries, sometimes because I forget, sometimes I think they deserve consideration anyway. And sometimes they’ll accept forms of words they said they didn’t want.


Here’s my confusion on domain availability/ auto-checker. I submitted a name in an exact match with multiple domain choice domain options (.co) for example. I get private message(s) from the client saying"great name- to bad it’s taken"!. How can it say avaible on our end, but not the customers end?

PS: at sh admins? Thanks


This has happened to me several times over the past few days. One domain that was available was actually registered in 2004 :open_mouth: The client loved the name but I had to remove it because it is in fact completely unavailable. :frowning:


@Sh. …is the domain checker. set up for around the world availability or just. com? Just curious if it’s a glitch in the automatics, or how that works? Thanks


and maybe SH can add " app names availability", so not only domains but app also hmm.


can i presume we are now allowed to enter names that are in the brief because i can see a winner wher this is quite plain


I have had one like this also and the CH was not happy with me.


The CRM in the ABC does the SaaS to the YMCA for the BMI on the ACT! ICYMI, LOL

Dear SH,
I don’t know if you already tell CHs this, but I am hoping you can ask them to spell out all of their acronyms in their brief. My head is spinning!


Also to SH: Would it be possible now for you to consider reducing or eliminating the 10% fee for creatives OR increasing the minimum award beyond $100? After 10% and after taxes, the net is really low on $100 contests and they take the same amount of time as the higher awards. It would be so great if you could put it on your radar to decrease the fee to us or increase the fee to the CH. Thanks for considering. It can’t hurt to ask.


Yep! - LOL - :laughing:


LOL, :wink: :wink: remembering back when it was $50 minus fee and taxes Yikes…
If we can’t do away with it,(the favored option) maybe lower it?, we’ll split the difference with ya at 5%


Dear SH: Thanks for putting the hearts on the messages area for CHs! That’s going to be really nice. So many times I want to say something to the CH like thank you for giving us so much guidance and now we can hit the heart button. Same with comments from creatives! Thanks!



I was wondering if the sliding scales that are used in the briefs for Logo contests could be incorporated somehow into the Naming contests? I thought that it would not only be helpful to the creatives but it could put less pressure on CHs if they may not know the exact words to describe what they are looking for. Just a thought :slight_smile: Thank you!


Sorry! Meant to tag @RachelSH :smile:


@acaso714 Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll bring this up to the team :blush: