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i found the é on google. copy/pasted it directly where you type the brand name, crossed my fingers and hit submit. it worked.


I would love it if CHa had to respond to a domain registration with a yes or no before awarding a contest, abandoned or not… many times I report I never get an answer, ugh frustrating


Yes!!! I think this is an excellent Idea. Domain registrations that are reported while the contest is open should be answered prior to the closing of the contest, and any domains that have been admittedly registered by the CH should be settled before the contest allowed to finalized. This seems only fair to creatives.


I so much agree with @ChristyMay and @seezall on this


@Commulinks As always, thanks for the great suggestions! We will work on finding a font that is easier to distinguish between similar letters. We will also look into adding an accents / characters option. :grinning:

It is stated in our policy to ensure that if a CH uses a name, they must compensate the creative by either selecting them as a winner, or sending them a bonus.

On the topic of Reporting Domain Registration, if we get a confirmation from the CH that they had registered the name, we ask them to either select the registered name as a winner or send them a minimum compensation of $50 as per our policy.

If a domain registration is reported and the CH does not send the compensation, after multiple follow ups, we automatically award the contest to the person whose entry was confirmed to be registered by the CH.

In abandoned contest situations, it is our policy to send multiple follow ups to the CH in case there are any reported domains in the contest. Sometimes, in abandoned contest cases, we do not hear back from CH because they are not reachable. It is our policy to make several attempts in this case, but if we still do not hear back, we award the contest as per our winner selection policy.

If we changed our policy to wait in these instances, we may have to wait indefinitely in some contests because the CH is not reachable. Please note that in most abandoned contests, a CH typically abandons a contest because they did not like any names or they stopped pursuing the business idea. In those cases we do not believe it is fair to leave the contests open indefinitely because the CH is not reachable.



Thank you Rachel!
Question: What happens when the CH registers multiple domains but has not chosen a winner? I’ve seen some of those sitting around past the time when they should have been closed. I assume it is because SH is continuing to ask them to choose the main one and pay the others? I think the question is, if they do neither thing, can the policy be changed to award the contestants whose names have been registered?


You’re most welcome! @Commulinks

Just to clarify, if you see a contest with a ‘Reported Domain Registration’ this means that a creative has only “reported” to us a registration of their entry. This does not mean that the CH is responsible for registering the name. When a domain registration is reported, our team immediately starts the investigation and contacts the CH.

In these cases our policy is to first follow up the the CH. If the CH confirms the registration then we follow our policy which would be to either select the registered domain as the winner or award the creative a bonus.

If a contest is in the winner selection stage for more than 30 days, and has one or more reported domains, it is most likely the case that our team is in the process of investigating possible domain registrations. The main point we want to clarify is that a reported domain registration shown on a contest does not absolutely mean it has been registered by a CH. The reason for the investigation is to confirm that the registration was indeed the CH and to rule out any other possibilities that could be responsible for the registration.

Our policy states that if a name (or names) is registered by a CH, we ask that a minimum compensation of $50 be sent to the creative(s). In the scenario where we don’t hear back from the CH, we make additional follow ups, and after waiting few days, we follow our standard winner selection policy and award the contest based upon those entries which received the highest ratings. During this time, if the CH had confirmed that they registered the reported name, we automatically award the contest to that creative.

Our team has taken additional steps to help protect creatives from situations like domain registration by adding the ‘My Owned Names’ feature. Creatives are now able to protect their high quality names and best entries by personally registering them before submitting to contests!


Thanks Rachel, yeah, I do know this but when you see 5 domain registrations…well… it doesn’t feel like a coincidence. But I appreciate all you said here and I’m glad to know it.


New subject/suggestion for SH. I would love to see “updates” from CHs after their contests close. I am wondering if SH could send a “click to answer” kind of questionnaire that asks how long it will be before they think they can declare a winner and what is going on in their process. For example there might be choices like “Still checking trademarks” or “Running a short list past the team.” And, encouraging the CHs to come back and leave a message for the creatives.


I have an idea, what if a contest already closed, we the creatives already submitted several ideas, and CH liked few of our ideas. And then after CH announced the winner, the ideas of the other creatives that didnt win got hidden, just in case CH get back to their profile and check their contests, but we the creatives still can track the names. Can this reduce the possibility of domain registration without we know? just an idea . thank you


Disappointed that my entries have been submitted even though they are not available domains. CH has loved two of them. It was just brought to my attention they aren’t available. It’s never the .com that gives this issue. It’s always or this keeps happening to me


@woods30. You should be able to verify all the dot com 's when you enter your names, providing the CH has the contest set up for them. When your .com entry is available, hit the .com and see if the other extensions are in the drop down list. If they are, hit the plus sign and add the name using each extension. Some CH"s want all to be available, some just want one. Hope that made sense


these were for domain contests. so basically the system had an error. it allowed me to enter a domain that was in fact already registered.


Hi @RachelSH @Dan, would it be possible to add another filter to search a contest by keyword(s) ?


Hi @15001aliq

Could you explain your suggestion a little more? You can search for keywords using the search bar on the active contests page.


Duh. Nevermind LOL thanks!


Thank you!! I’m so excited to see the domain checker added to the entries page. :slight_smile:


Available … not available… almost all the domains checker here on Squadhelp ERROR, from .com,, .ly . Could you please fix this. thanks!

#715 has been giving me grief all week. And I feel bad because CH has been loving my entries only to find out they are not truly available as domains. :frowning:


I’m wondering if there’s a more efficient way contestants could ask the CHs for ratings.
I recall that awhile ago, contestants were asking for ratings via private messages and more openness was requested.
What about a button within each contest that contestants could press after a reasonable amount of time. Maybe after the contest is open to all contestants. We could check and see if and how often the CH had already been asked to rate entries without receiving an e-mail each time.
Maybe an automatic reminder could be triggered a few days into each contest, too. It seems like half my SH e-mails pertain to asking for ratings. Any other suggestions on this idea?