How Would You Improve The Site?


Sometimes a simple, easily understood and familiar concept works very well. The stones and oaks and leaves will be here long after the latest fads have gone, because they are rooted in nature and concepts everybody easily gets. What may be boring and passe to some, may be well known, easily understood and comforting to others. Hence we should not always be taken in by the lure of things innovative, exotic, new and flowery.


When a domain is approved for the marketplace I’d like to have the opportunity to add the phonetic spelling and voice option when I fill in the other details before it goes live. I also wish I could hear the voice options before I pick one. To my knowledge you have to select it, save it, go to the landing page, listen, then do it all over again if you don’t like it. Is there a better way?? I’ve never actually changed the voice because every time I try it tells me I can’t have more than 5 keywords. I’m not going to delete keywords that I think are relevant just to change the voice so I always just leave it. Which brings me to my next issue. If I can select more than 5 keywords during initial set up, why once I save it and it goes live can I not edit without having 5 or less?


I know a lot of the focus is on the marketplace right now but would it be possible to have more clarity in the brief regarding what domains are mandatory to the CH and which they are willing to accept. I always try to get the .com but often when I try for other domains listed I get a message saying the .com is preferred or Mandatory.
Speaking for myself this would save a lot of time and effort for me and the CH as well. I don’t know if others are finding the same thing??? Thanks


I would like to have the option of deleting past entries (on the my entries page)such as not accepted/not labeled within the marketplace.Lots are just sitting there of no use.Thanks!


I would appreciate if you could add one extra tab to the dashboard of our marketplace listing showing the percentage of views vs shortlists (what part of those who viewed the name has shortlisted it). Also, it would be great if we could sort our listings by this percentage (views vs shortlists), views, shortcuts and expected commissions. This would be very helpful in seeing which names are best performers and thus worth renewing.


@Commulinks - We do have some information related to branding and naming that is shared with the CH throughout the process, and we will keep this in mind as we continue to improve and hone this content. However, we have to remain open in our naming philosophy - meaning we cannot take the stance that all brands need outside the box names. Our goal is to provide a large breadth of name styles and types for the CH to review and choose from.

@ChristyMay - This is a good point. We will add more clarification within the brief down the road. For now, we recommend, in these situations to do your best to submit domains that are available in all extensions, especially if the CH has indicated an interest in a .com.

@Marye5 - Unfortunately, we are unable to allow domain deletions from the My Entries page for audit reasons.

@EliCreative - This is a good idea. We will add it in the near future.


Thanks @grant! Maybe more of a “how to get un-stuck” concept… (if someone finds themselves unable to get un-stuck from an idea)


Would like the ability to unlike :heart: on contests because It frustrates me when I get a bright/medium green face-then wham bam no thank you slam​:rage::rage: on my entries!!!


@Marye5 I also find this frustrating going from a love it and shortlisted to no thank you, without any reason. I find this one of the most challenging things here.


I agree especially with no idea as to why after hours,days go by before your entry is demoted.Part of it we just have to accept…I guess😳


@grant Many thanks for adding the ability to discount our own names.

Do the people that have shortlisted our names get an email when SH or us discount a name please? And how long does the discount last? With SH I think it’s 3 days? Is it the same with self discounted names?

Many thanks.


@AbleBrands - Discounts reset on Mondays. The rest I don’t know.
@Grant, I said this on another string, but please add the “add discount” to all names. We can see things about our names that may cause us to do it that you may not realize. Please trust us to use it sparingly because we don’t really want to do it as much as you may think. Also, the ability to permanently reduce a price is gone and I really want that back, too. Again, none of us really want to earn less, but there are some times when a name needs to be reduced permanently.


Appreciate that @Commulinks. Have missed many of the forums posts, apologies if this was discussed previously.


It wasn’t discussed previously. I knew it because when you apply a discount, there’s a message that pops up that says that.


@Grant Since all of our names in marketplace dash have an increase price, can we get the ability to ‘decrease price’ as well, please? With all of these changes, I was just ‘trying’ things out and increased price of one of my names, thinking that the option to ‘decrease’ somehow would become available, but it didn’t. This can cause some issues and think it may already with the one I did – oops. I just wanted to try it out :joy: Also I agree with being able to add discounts sparingly if you think this may be possible.


I just filled out a Marketplace submission form and I wonder if I am missing something. Sometimes the suggestions offered aren’t fitting (key words for example) so I type in what I think is a good fit- because the keyboard is already there—and by the time I am finished with the form all of my own suggestions are gone and the space is blank. Then I end up using some of the listed options and not feeling good about the results. Hope I have explained myself well enough to understand. Any suggestions?


Shanna, I am glad you brought this up. That part of the form is not working right when you submit it. It is bringing up suggestions that don’t belong in that category. I keep telling myself I will report it and then I forget. For now, here is what I do… I leave that part blank when I submit the name. Then, if it is approved, I go back and enter those words. You can add words to that part of the form…but only after your name is approved.


@AbleBrands - We do send out email notifications, but only when a discount is initiated by Squadhelp.

@rareworthy - You should be able to bring the price of your domain down after you have increased it. If this is not working for you, please report the specific circumstance via the Blue Button.

@Shanna @Commulinks - We will look into this issues.


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