How Would You Improve The Site?

Hi Grant, Kral had asked why we aren’t free to change our screen name and I’m curious as well. Could you answer that please? Thanks!


I haven’t had any ratings show up since earlier yesterday.I thought that was weird that no one at all would be rating…yet I know it sometimes happens. So I have had not had any new ratings either…but don’t know if it is a glitch or I just haven’t had entries rated.

Ratings have been very slow/miniscule lately but I did want to tell you guys that I have had some ratings since yesterday.

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Hollygirl, it’s Saturday activity decay. There are some, not too much.

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@grant I was asking about filters for the my Earnings…not entries LOL Where you can see a statement of the contests and splits, bonus in the order they were received.

@LynnParks @Commulinks @LauraE and so many of us think that a ‘creative only’ section on the forums would be beneficial for not only the issue that was being discussed as well as relevant issues that right now cannot specifically be discussed without perhaps bending the rules, breaking the rules, creating issues, etc. Now I, myself, am not bringing this here in hopes that we can have a place where the rules are different and we can just nonchalantly discuss whatever, please understand that. But perhaps the rules could be a little bit different in this area and it will give us a place to discuss CREATIVE ONLY issues and seek SH advisement as well as advisement from our fellow creatives and be able to find solutions and offer advice that doesn’t seem like it is targeting specific people, things, or is suggestive of things.

The reason I do support this idea is because of an issue that happened with @Marye5 and myself here recently and has also happened with a few other creatives and myself. It is so hard for us to be able to discuss things with and amongst each other (messages are backwards in function and being able to message someone has to rely on far to many factors and is hard reaching out to that specific person or even a group of people, we may not be able to contact people offsite (even though many of us have formed friendships enough to be able to do so), messages are only one-on-one and if an issue is shared among many that makes things even more complicated, etc and so on). It is also hard utilizing the forums without fear of penalization because some topics are relevant to be discussed because we are creatives and there are issues that we as creatives have to deal with and need advisement on either from SH or our fellow creatives but we can’t for fear of possibly going against the rules that are set in place for forum usage because they deal with potentials of certain issues or may seem targeted depending on if you are creative vs. staff, or CH (even when they are legitimate concerns and have no intention whatsoever of being targeted).

Note: Now, let me assure, I am not saying that all things should be able to be discussed and I am also not saying that it should be okay for topics to ‘point fingers’ or seem suggestive of certain ideas, problems, or as if they reference specific issues and or people. No. The blue button does work for most things, yes and should remain an option, but the blue button has it’s limitations and the problem with the blue button on handling issues or getting feedback on certain situations – is it only works for that specific person and it may also take some time to get an answer. Many times when an issue comes up on SH there are many of us that are having it at the same time and sometimes some of us can help the others or provide advice, reassurements, etc. I can even speak from experience that there have been at least three issues I have BBed as a representative of those on the forum and myself that were having that specific issue and wanted better explanation. I’m still waiting for explanation and better understanding on all three of these issues and it’s been some time. So having a space where we can work to figure things out, help each other with advice on solutions of issues and concerns, or in times where everyone is at a standstill and the topic revolves around a creative ONLY issue – we could tag @SH moderators or @SH team even to help – would be beneficial.

Same as perhaps a CH only forum would work as well for any issues or questions they may have. And then the overall board itself for indirect SH issues or ideas that affect everyone.

I hope that this comes across clearly. I don’t want anyone to think that any of us have an issue with how the forum is now or even the rules that are in place. However, as SH has evolved into the big and great place that it is and as things have chaged and evolved there are now issues that only creatives have, issues that on CHs have, and as a way for both groups to find relevant support and information about these issues (either ones from the past that they have yet to see is referenced on the forum already, or ones that may happen in ten minutes that only affect the creatives with entering names or one that may happen in twenting where all CHs briefs start adding /'s and coding jargon and make the age wonk out) it would be nice for such issues to be categorized as either creative, CH, or ‘general SH’. After all, I am sure I am not the only one that has had to use the search bar on the forums to look for specific issues only to find out that there are many topics about such but at different times and about different aspects of the issue and it’s just difficult to find the answers sometimes and having them categorized into the groups could allow us to have better reference. As far as it being limited access to those in that group? It boils down to certain things needing to be discussed that is more limited to just creatve issues, just CH issues, or overall issues. It’s not meant as a way to cicumnavigate the rules much less break them, but sometimes certain things do need to be discussed and you need advice or something that has no place in ‘general’ discussion and limited to only being an issue that only each respective group would understand or share in that issue.

I don’t know if this is coming across right. I just see that it could be positive areas where each group would be just slightly less restrained and able to help each other. Each side both CHs and creatives have things to gain by helping each other, and concerns they share and being able to discuss them, get advice on them, know what to do in certain cases, and other such things. There could be areas for this to take place so that brainstorming and resolutions can take place. Again, I personally don’t see it as a way to mitigate the rules or such but more of a means of a space for us to help each other, advise each other for specific issues that we creatives may have either with our side of the site, our side of coming up with names, our side of IP rights, etc. And CHs could have theirs for issues they have with types of names or ideas being generated, how to create better briefs and still maybe be breif about it, what to do with and after audience testing, what do do with a name that you absolutely love but audience testing didn’t favor, and any other kinds of issues each side may have and be able to talk to their fellow persective groups or even SH about possible steps in these respective groups that the ‘general public’ or even the other group shouldn’t have to worry about – and then the main forum be the place for sitwide issues, sitewide concerns, address @all type subjects, overall encouragements, etc.

Make sense?


Any advice from snyone, how I can start making any $ again here, I put in well thought out names with good explanations, just seems I am always in the right place at the wrong time, trending in contests till after they close yada yada,…, what can i do to stop/change this, I haven’t won a contest (last win I had to split 3 ways) in forever, I haven’t even got a split nor do I have any available for january, next one would be Feb for a whole 4 bucks! So I implore you what in thee H E double hockey sticks is going on?

Hang in there @seezall. It’s bound to happen once in awhile. I’m not the one to be giving anyone tips, haven’t won in a couple of months myself. But try not to panic, take a short break if need be, keep the faith…your ship shall sail again soon.:ship: BOL!


@grant. Thanks for answering. I spoke with someone about it. I appreciate the reply!

I will keep hoping lol


maybe you are trying to come up with names that go with the contest :wink:


Hang in there bud. …your bucks will come around again you’re a great namer and you killed me with your last line :joy::joy: I just used that exact line a few days ago (not here) but when I read it CRACKED me up!!!


Seez, I think I have figured out the problem. It is some kind of shift in the matrix. I know this because after 2 years and winning only 1 contest in that time I suddenly won 2 in a short span of time. I suspect things will shift back and we will be back on track. :smirk:


Im quite confused about when a contest holder asks for a short name, sometimes they only want the first word to be short, is there any way to clear this up without asking every time
sometimes it just a short one word sometimes its a short first word with very long words afterwards.
Its seems beneficial to everyone to know what is actually required


I don’t think a separate forum would work for one reason only. There are CH’s who have become creatives and creatives who have become CH’s.

That little donkey made me smile Seezall…glad to see your back


I think it would be nice if there is like a “Creatives Only Chat Lounge” or like a private group chat. That way if we Creatives want to talk about sensitive topics it wouldn’t be under scrutiny of the public eye.


Like I said earlier…there are creatives on here who have been contest holders and contest holders who are creatives. So in reality there are no “Creatives Only”. The senior lounge was kind of created for this reason, but again, it does not exclude contest holders.
I think that this can be fixed easily by allowing open messaging between the creatives.
As is stands now, if I want to sent someone a private message, I would have to look at a contest that they’ve entered and send it that way or put it out there in public message board.


I meant like what Facebook group chat/messenger has. A certain creative can chose who he or she wants to talk to or be in that group chat, it’s not open to all creatives per se. A Squadhelp Messenger. This is just a suggestion addressed to SH . @grant

Sorry about the confusion. I see now that your comment was, “Maybe a way to narrow a search by “date” on the My Earnings Activity tab in My Account section. Example, to see only info for 2017 or 2018 etc.” We will consider this for the future.