How Would You Improve The Site?


This topic is to discuss ideas on how do we think the site could be improved.

My idea is to have a button on top (or bottom) of “View Watchlist” button named “Contests I’m Trending”. That way, we could easily and automatically know in which contests we have an advantage, and to easily access to those contest for further tracking of our entries, because if I’m trending I would make that contest my priority. (I hope this makes sense to anyone else, hahaha)

What would you change about the site?


I would like a better option on the download entries page for instance when I download and open whether it’s 30,60,90,etc it won’t let me scroll the full list. Plus I can’t make heads nor tails of some catorgies, it seems so jumbled together.


Mark check to delete multiple entries at once.


Arghhhh ((((( cant say how I would better the site, if I speak my mind I will get banned, How can we discuss how to better the site if we cant openly discuss the REAL issues???


Issues such as? There are other topics where we talk about domain registration, unawarded contests, etc…


Luck/ being really lucky is as close as I can get


Yeah, well… Good luck with that…


I thought that was why we had the senior lounge but we no longer can talk there so I guess it’s best just to keep quiet. ( in my case anyways) :scream:


I tentatively agree, as I don’t want to say too much either.


I really don’t see why all that mystery about topics or whatever… I haven’t seen a topic where someone has reacted badly or told anyone to keep their opinions to themselves. I just wanted to create a space where we could share our insights on how to improve

If anyone here feels they can’t talk, maybe that’s one thing to improve: The opennes of forum topics and the oportunities to express ourselves about the functioning of the site.

At the end of the day, no one is forcing us to use the site or the forum, we do it because we want and because we trust this money-paying oportunity, even when we’ve all had our shares of mysteriously coincidential registered names.


“mysteriously coincidential registered names” is a very eloquent way of putting it Mr. J


@Dan How/where can we talk candidly? Maybe a Roundtable Lounge (Invite Only)?


Is there any way SH could insist on more transparency from the CHs? I’m just throwing ideas out here and would be open to others. One possible idea could be that every CH be required to submit a link of some kind that would be included in the brief (a number already do this.) It would connect to their Facebook page, a download, or something “real.” Some contests include picture downloads of their products. I realize that it’s possible to create a fake FB page or product, but hopefully this idea could weed out some contests that are here to find many names instead of one. No names of course. :wink:


Something needs to be done, while the system theoretically makes sense, in practicality all it did was create mirrors for the smoke !
I am all in favor that Every account must sub a photo ID and a selfie! getting rid of duplicates and proxy server use!


@seezall we have never banned users for offering suggestions on how to improve the platform. If there is any other crowdsourcing platform that has been as open to ask for feedback from its constituents and implement their policies and system changes based upon that feedback, please share. In fact, we also know that some of our competitors are constantly checking our forum to learn about changes in our system features as well our policies. We have still maintained an open policy in our forum because how important we believe it is to have that two way dialog.

However, when the topics violate our posting policy, we will take action. We can not turn the forum into a public court room for analyzing contest holders and contestants. Everyone is welcome to share any constructive suggestions on how to improve the platform, but we will not tolerate posts or messages that imply specific users or group of users are cheating the system. We believe that posting those kind of messages in a forum is disrespectful to those who have paid money to use our service, or to those who have recently joined and have won their first contest. If there are specific concerns of foul play, they need to be shared privately with us so we can analyze ALL facts, and then take necessary actions based on facts, not based on emotion or intuition. There have been more than few instances which have proven to be false alarms, and we simply can not allow that kind of dialog in our forum.

I would reiterate our position, that we are committed to making Squadhelp a better platform every day and we will continue to make changes to system and processes based upon feedback from this community.


@Dan, is there any further thought on being able to purchase our domains via points or money to fully protect our names?


@Tammy, We have put the domain marketplace idea on hold because of the feedback received in the past thread - it didn’t seem that many creatives saw much value in a domain marketplace offering.

However if there is enough interest, we are willing to add the ability for creatives to purchase their own names in any third party site (such as GoDaddy) and submit them to contests on Squadhelp. We would need to work out several technicalities (e.g. how do we check that the creative actually owns that domain so that they can submit it to contests). However we are willing to consider adding this capability, as long as there is sufficient interest from the creatives.


I for one would love this added. Anyone else? Thanks


I also would love to be able to see domains I deleted from a contest within the contest.


I mentioned the ID idea 2x once private once public nobody seems to have a response for that suggestion,